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New Zealand Three Quarter Midgets 0.95

By: NZ TQ Mod Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Monticus
Screenie by: Monticus
Screenie by: Monticus
Screenie by: Monticus
Screenie by: Monticus
Screenie by: Monticus

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Like Midgets, Three Quarter Midgets also have quite a history at Springs Speedway and provide some of the closest wheel to wheel action you'll see anywhere.

There is a public physics beta avaliable at Please post feedback and read the forums so we can get these racing

I would like to thank Iowa, James B, Simjunkies, Kiwi Dirt Sim Racing, WorldGTLeague, KSR and all those who have tested and made this mod possible.

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Latest New Zealand Three Quarter Midgets Comments

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Hey monti i found some sounds that are identical to tq's
cookie_76g on Aug-18-2011

Public physics beta avaliable at
Monticus on Apr-26-2009

Once I have a couple of updated files from the modeller I am going to upload a beta, it will include 2 chassis, the Avenger which is petrol powered and chain driven. And the Seeka, a methanol drive shaft driven car. Both are very different handling cars, the Avenger is lower powered but easier handling (but watch that wheel to wheel racing) and the Seeka is closer to real-life. The reason for the 2 chassis is to allow people to enjoy both the realism and the fun.

The beta will be realeased with the current issues to allow people to give us some feedback outside the testing team. Templates are currently being tidied up so are not going to be ready for the beta so solid coloured cars will be used. If you notice something we may of missed please visit and leave us some feedback.
Monticus on Apr-11-2009

We are just doing some final touches to the model and there will be a public beta avalible in the next 2 weeks, so watch this space.
Monticus on Apr-02-2009

any updates on the progress of this mod??
T31tylr on Mar-23-2009

After 2 of the team having their machines blow up, we are currently trying to get back on track. I hope to have a Beta ready in Febuary all going well.
Monticus on Dec-20-2008

Opps old image, I will get a few new screens up as soon as I can.
Monticus on Dec-20-2008

TQ's look great, any chance of springs getting made ?
njj26 on Dec-03-2008

where can i download the beta version from.
Quarter7 on Nov-19-2008

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