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New soundpack for the F171-mod 1.0 1

By: wolferl

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i was asked to do new sounds for this fine mod by a member of the F1Classic mod team .
unfortunately there are only either historic onboardrecordings with the restrictions of th equipment of that periode or amateurrecordings from historic events,
so the available recordings arent from the highest quality.
i had to edit a lot and amplifie the samples to their limit.
you should use at least a good soundcard for better results.

for external sounds i had the same prob except for the ford cosworth, which often appears at todays historical events

another issue concerns the startersound.
because the mod was already released, i had no influence of the physic-files,which are important for the sound
so if you want to have undistortioned startersound,you have to overwrite the 71_Cosworth_engine.ini
at the GameDataVehiclesF171 folder with the included one.
but make a back up of the original file before, because that would cause online-missmatches.

and now i hope, you will have fun.

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Latest New soundpack for the F171-mod 1.0 Comments

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any recent updates?
looneyhans on Feb-08-2021

Thanks for sharing

mejores ofertas
Kassandrape on Jan-03-2021

Thanks so much!!

- spiritual life coach
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

Thank you
CapitanulHaos on Nov-02-2010

wow, good news!! (keep racing!) ;-)
Speed-Piet on Oct-27-2010

thanks you all for your nice comments.
and i think, it won`t take that long that the F1-SR 1991-mod will be released, wherefore
i am creating the sounds.
wolferl on Oct-26-2010

Thanks you wolferl.

These new sounds are really good, especially the sound of engine braking.

Excellent job.
GX7RAY on Oct-25-2010

simply- fantastic! thx!!
Speed-Piet on Oct-25-2010

Oh My! Those are great! Thanks very much. Really, really like the Ferrari.
joelkton on Oct-24-2010

hi m8, please reach me at, thanks in advance
pteixeira on Oct-23-2010

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