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Newcastle 1

By: finchly
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 07-Dec-08
Current release: 1, on 07-Dec-08

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Screenie by: Therapy?
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Street circuit around Newcastle upon Tyne

v 1.0

Hope you enjoy the Newcastle Gateshead Quayside, it's the first version (and my first attempt at this)

If you like it feel free to make a contribution (It’ll help encourage me to develop more of the city faster)

More to come soon …..

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Just discovered this, superb work, I recognise a lot of the scenery here being a "toon " dweller
semi42 on Dec-21-2012

awesome, truly awesome
boyward on Dec-16-2009

This is a great track. it is so fun to use formula 1 cars here and race the Newcastle Grand Prix. i love the scenery too. this is in my hall of fame
physics1313 on Jul-27-2009

awesome track, finchly. i was thinking about doing a newcastle track too - one which incorporates bar 55 roundabout as seen from my office window. if you PM me i'll send you the google earth track path!
mattloque on Feb-28-2009

Amazing effort.

Continued work on the surfaces and the textures will help this to become a great track to race.

Some of the cars like Porsches which have no trouble turning on tight street circuits felt a bit crowded in some corners.

Some parts of the track demonstrated some extremely high quality work. Great effort!
meclazine on Dec-31-2008

erm, what's happened to the screenshots?
maiph on Dec-31-2008

wayeye man! canny that
Dr Funkenstein on Dec-26-2008

Could you make me a street circuit, the chertsey grand prix
I would make it myself but i don't have the software or knowhow
spoonana on Dec-26-2008

I find this track to be a decent layout, but everything looks flat because none of the geometry (surfaces) has any shading/shadows except for a few spots where objects are directly over the track. That plus the lack of any track groove textures adds up to a zero immersion factor for me. Not a bad effort overall but it's not worth keeping in my track collection in its current state.
Gamezalot on Dec-17-2008

Very nice track, thanks a lot! Like the several sideroads you can discover.
Jeffrey3456 on Dec-15-2008

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