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Nikko Circuit 1.10

By: mianiak
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 19-Dec-09
Current release: 1.100, on 19-Dec-09

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Screenie by: Jimmy_Diamond
Screenie by: Jimmy_Diamond
Screenie by: Snabb
Screenie by: Snabb
Screenie by: mianiak
Screenie by: mianiak
Screenie by: mianiak
Screenie by: mianiak
Screenie by: mianiak
Screenie by: mianiak

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Located in Tochigi-ken (ken = state), Nikko Circuit is a small local track used for all forms of motorsports. 1.035km / 0.643mi long.

Tochigi-ken is home to many Automobile makers and hosts a variety of testing tracks, Twin Ring, Motegi Circuit, Subaru test course, Bridgestone Kuroiso test course, Honda R&D centre, etc, etc.

1.1 Update includes wet track and raining track.

Raining is experimental. It is in no way an attempt to simulate rain, at this stage it is just there to give you the feeling of rain.

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thank you, I will let you know if it works

I'm doing my own private racing series to waist time and Nikko Circuit is the finale for the Japanese and indo-Asia Formulas.
cmr1990 on Oct-12-2012

A new mediafire link for a competed V1.1 is now up, please try again.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Oct-11-2012

A reupload of V1.0 would be nice.
thats why 1.1 doesn't work.
cmr1990 on Oct-10-2012

I've got exactly the same problem m8. I dn how to fix it though
07890799040 on Aug-17-2012

Is anyone else not able to get this track to work? I get an mas error then it crashes
any ideas?
scottland666 on Jul-06-2012

alright, this one is better....2.9, still not a 3 but keep it up.
busaman195 on Jan-14-2010

Really good track for both time attack and drifting. Nice details and nice fps with many veh.
Snabb on Dec-31-2009

Great track!! Thanks for the work and please make ebisu!
sergiogon on Dec-23-2009

Screenshots please.
koolpapy on Dec-21-2009

Great track. This what I was looking for some time. A small track where somebody can learn to race. Also great for cars like 2CV. Not only the layout is good, the track also looks very good.
NitroMcClean on Dec-20-2009

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