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Nismo Skyline R34 Z-Tune Road 1.40

By: SinBin and ISI Car & Cockpit Models & Sounds
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 09-Apr-08
Current release: 1.400, on 06-Sep-10

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Screenie by: mcquiz
Screenie by: mcquiz
Screenie by: SinBin
Screenie by: SinBin
Screenie by: ajof1
Screenie by: ajof1
Screenie by: ajof1
Screenie by: ajof1
Screenie by: SinBin
Screenie by: SinBin

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune+ mod for RFactor

Stand Alone Nismo Skyline R34 Z-Tune+ Mod using ISI Furano model.

[ V1.4 updates ]
Texture updates will cost some FPS & is intented for max car detail settings. Finaly edited wheel model texture settings so users can color the wheels per car & Iv added some rims to my cars & put in any users made wheels for included cars.
Tyre texture will now be the fitted tyre types per car, only on Max/high detail settings for cars.
New larger intercooler texture so it can handle the nismo logo.
Front GTR badge in grill & better back badge, left "nismo & ztune" in skin so users can remove it.
Reduced the drag upgrades effects a bit & less penalty to downforce to stablise the AI.
New Potenza meduim & hard slicks, hard tyres now on 24H/LM cars.

Check readme file for alot more info & credits

Overwrightes ISI Drift mod/demo SKL sound folder with origanal sounds & adds 4 more. Just so you dont require the demo installed.

Unzip to rfactor folder, or to a chosen place & copy to rfactor folder to aviod mistakes.

** Important bit below **

[Remove old version main folder before installing]

delete the Nismo34R folder in \rfactor\GameData\Vehicles
Check readme file for more info, reseting mod stats ect.

122meg zipped
451meg Unzipped

[V1.3 updates]
Made big changes to the centre of gravity changes from upgrades.
RFactor Central team skins for tuners 4 cars 2xRB2xV8 & 2 spare skins
New Ballest upgrades, see readme COG changes
2 new engines 1250hp & 1600hp.
2 new tyre Falken Azenis 615 fitted by default now on R-Tune for a bit less grip & more sliding + Falken Hard slick for players.
2 new normal classes using the new engines & 1 odd class a crazy drag car setup using the 1600hp with
some crazy tire settings dunno what people will make of that but fun for a few mins.
2 new GAS Motorsport dragster skins for drag team ofc (users can upgrade any car to any class or mix of)
5 new 24h class skins
Found & Fixed a bug that was effecting my reduced drag upgrades & not appling the downforce penalty.
Tweaked a few bits physics wise on all cars & with fix above there is a change to feel, improved gearbox
settings on most car classes default state.+
Alot of small changes, new tyre treads & walls textures *
Added all current user made skins to new Tuners Cars as of D6 M8 Y10
Added Templates folder inside nismo34r folder, there cleaned up & well worded :) , car,wing,window,tyre,wheel.

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someone can pass me the link of this mod because the links are down
canovas2910 on Nov-19-2018

Great info. I love all the posts, I really enjoyed, I would like more information about this, because it is very nice.Thanks for sharing.
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hamhamvnn on Mar-18-2017

Hi, I want to drive this car, please can you re-upload this mod? Link's failed. PLEASE PLEASE!

PD: Sorry for my poor English.
le7novo7063 on Mar-22-2016

Originally posted by: sopalu

When I wanted to change the skin to a rim,

I find that white did not exist, and everything was gray.

I really dislike this approach, I threw all the files in the bin.

no very nice, too bad, I'll play with another car

Silly thing ofc there is white look at Calsonic/phillips cars ect, tho a wheel totaly coverd in brillant white wont work propper as it cant shine as the max britness will already be its color maybe you mean that but thats down to computers.
SinBin on Nov-22-2011

When I wanted to change the skin to a rim,
I find that white did not exist, and everything was gray.
I really dislike this approach, I threw all the files in the bin.
no very nice, too bad, I'll play with another car
sopalu on Nov-11-2011

pnadin61 I tested the other views all fine sound wise here.

Im a Hare Krishna now so I done a car skin for myself & got a 2nd one on way, still have a few choices to make sponsers,wheels & drivers then I might upload them incase others want them.

Cya SinBin
SinBin on Aug-27-2011

I found my r-tune rolling over issue I was testing something a wile back & handnt put the tyre file back to normal, the download version is fine check the file already. I had 2500 grip so no wonder it rolled over.

pnadin61 I was just in RF but forgot to test the view soz but im guessing it might be something you modded in the pl version of the view file I do have some changes myself for cockpit vibration ect but I cant remeber were that was anymore, it isnt in the mob tho. There is also 2 cam files one was from com8 & I think fixed some clipping & I do think I made that the default last tme out so maybe nab a default furuno cam file out the drift mob & rename it to suit as a test.

Still overall I would assume more have used that view since realse & would have posted by now so check player files maybe first or if you recall adding any view mods take them out to test.

GL SinBin
SinBin on Aug-14-2011

Great mod but there is something wrong with my sound.It is very low.Car starts up and sound just drops to nothing.The cockpit view seems to be normal sound but these types of cars i run tv cockpit view and just this one is giving me problems.I reinstalled manually but same thing.Any help appreciated,THANX.
pnadin61 on Aug-11-2011

I tested Com8's lastest Norisring 2009 & just happend to be in an r-tyre & it rolled over in the tight coners so it tested the older version of the track & it did the same so I maybe broke something in the new tyre slip maybe so ill have to try & get motivated & look into it. Odd that I was in the r-type as last car & haddent noticed anything odd, still only done a quick test best try all the cars again.
SinBin on Jul-09-2011

It should be decent for a Z-Tune but thats diffent to the noral R34, still I dont recall suspention data was to hard to find & normal ones very easy. Search for some oem diagram on a parts site if it lacks info use the part number to find more things.

Also find Bristow's rf detailed info on the susption file as I recall an issue with the susption type not suported by rf so you do some tweaking or adding bits Iv long forgot tho.
SinBin on Jun-21-2011

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