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Nissan GT-R 0.10

By: Kestrel
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: kestrelprodigal
Screenie by: kestrelprodigal

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Model is still being optimized for game. If you are interested in helping with the physics, sounds, skinning or would like to be a test driver please message me on the site.

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hey yea whn i am on the tracks or the touge (which is why I downloaded it) why wont it rev past half way in second gear I don't understand?
REBELIONLIEZ on Aug-04-2012

Any updates or news? Im dieing for this mod to come out! Please update with some progress and let us know if the mod is still progressing forward
Woggster on Feb-18-2011

Hope you're still working on this mode. I found this: the guy made it for GTR-2 but, maybe he would help you finish it for rFactor.

Keep on the great work!
CETLA on Jul-15-2010

Hope this mod comes out someday...
Sulisti on Jul-12-2010

What happening with this mod? Any progress? i really really wanna see some more pictures or vids of this thing!
Woggster on Jun-08-2010

If this does not sound suspicious I don't know what does. A Nissan GT-R randomly caught fire in the car dealership after it was closed. There was not any reports of what triggered the fire, but if this was deliberate or otherwise has not been found out. The facts alone are odd; fire began after everybody was gone, the security guard had locked up but couldn't get back in, a nice new $90,000 sports vehicle, and some way for the fire to begin. Look, I am not the very best individual to make this call, but this was carried out purposely.
JackieA on May-27-2010

i got a skin that could help you out. look at (
add a twin turbo sound if you want to i am only suggesting

hope this helps
Kipry nadz 911
Kirpy Nadz 911 on Mar-24-2010

about time someone made the new gtr. hopefuly it'll be out soon
Sasuke024 on Feb-06-2010

any news??
anx92 on Jan-23-2010

looks good in the vid, but a little too grippy
NOS_Waster on Jan-09-2010

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