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Nivelles-Baulers 0.90

By: JackyNIX
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: JackyNIX
Screenie by: JackyNIX
Screenie by: JackyNIX
Screenie by: JackyNIX
Screenie by: JackyNIX
Screenie by: JackyNIX

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Historical F1 GP track, used in '72 & '74. Demolished and replaced by an ugly business centre.

Scratch build track mod, using an accurate digital elevation model of the terrain and a detailed aerial photo.

### beta release july/09 ###

changelog v0.6
- poles + wires
- control tower
- crowd
- signs "interdit aux pietons"
- banners

todo v1.0
- aiw fast path
- start lights
- visgroups

todo v1.1
- more trackside objects
- parking lots
- paddock
- night lighting

todo v2.0
- club layout
- proposed layout

tnx to
- Jean-Frederic
- Herman (
- vms

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Latest Nivelles-Baulers Comments

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Wow! Can you finish this, please!!
Kimi97 on Apr-27-2011

Hi Jacky,
we're on the look out for a good version of Nivelle and yours looks great. Any idea when it will be ready for an initial release?
dh_vetmed on Apr-02-2011

Hi Jacky, Any news about your project?
As you planned it for july, i just 'd like to know if it's on hold or not.
jeanfrederic on Sep-12-2009

That's a so good news Jacky.
Can't wait to drive csgt on my home track!
Mind not to hesitate if you ever need advices or beta test ;-)
jeanfrederic on Jun-25-2009

Yep, the project's still alive. I just have to finish the AIW and then I'll release a beta version (much more detailed than the beta you have). Now I'm in the middle of a relocation, so beta due for July/August.
JackyNIX on Jun-23-2009

Hey Jacky. Glad to see you'r still workin on Nivelles. I tought it was left over.
Keep the good work mate.
By the way, I had to go there this winter, and yes yes yes, it's a ugly business centre :-) .
jeanfrederic on Jun-17-2009

looking good mate keep up the good work
jpnabber2 on Feb-23-2009

Didn't do anything for a while, but I've done a lot of work the last couple of weeks. finishing up AIW, add some crowd and we're ready for release...
JackyNIX on Feb-10-2009

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