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Nordschleife Tourist (rFactor 2) 1.81

By: pleclair , DJCruicky and Com8
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 03-Aug-13
Current release: 1.810, on 19-Oct-14

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC

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Nordschleife Tourist for rFactor 2
Original track by com8 - Converted to rF2 with love by pleclair
Further updates (Version 1.81) by DJCruicky

Version 1.81 07/09/14
- New tdf settings. Reduced the bumpiness of the cracked asphalt parts and Karussell. Reduced grip for grass (50% of road grip).
- Improved AIW at Fuchsroehre.
- Adjusted some textures for summer layout.

Version 1.80 05/09/14
DJC change log v1.70 to v1.80
- Re-done AI pit paths in pit area and paddock. Had found a bug where groups of cars could not stop in time to enter Pit entrance. This was because the way-path that leads from the main path was just not long enough on the original.
- Staggered the pit boxes 1,11,2,12,3,13....,etc, instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6....... Should reduce the chance of someone pitting right in front of, or behind, you. PIC HERE
- Fixed collision of pit guard rail where it only worked in one direction . Before you would get sucked out if you were to touch it.
- Cleaned up the texture of the ticket house in Photoshop best I could do.
- Recoloured the gate ticket machines to match the colour of the new real life ones.
- At the ticket machine, left hand lane, replaced missing brick kerb, was just a long hole before.
- Lowered the white lines marking the lanes by a few cm's. They were floating to high above the road, I guess that would look bad in 3D.
- Extended pit exit.
- Installed some much needed working pit exit lights.
- Made brand new pit exit chain railings and posts, all to match nearer real life ones.
- Re-Modelled cones and added them to pit exit. They glow in the dark too.
- With the exception of the cones just before the chain railings, made them all moveable. Before they were glued like concrete.
- Cleaned up the edges of the paddock signs. Before all the edges were all jagged like staircase, now they nice and smooth. Also, removed the flicker from them where the pole would flicker in and out of them from a distance.
- Built near pit exit a glow in the dark info track warning screen just like the real Nords one.
- Planted billboard trees around the paddock area (High and Max track detail).
- Changed colour of 3d grass in the grass patches round the paddock. Made the dirt and grass level with top of kerbs. Dirt blended the edges. Filled in all the cracks. See Pic Here.
- Remodelled the roof of the booking office to make it look less like a paper umbrella. Made the walls have glass ready for a new texture by Tosch. Planted some shrubs next to this building too. Added billboard to the red devil restroom. See Pic here.
- Made changes to mesh of the red devil restroom to make the textures less wonky and more straight. Raised the whole building out of the ground by 25cms.
- Removed stone kerbs at Hocheichen, Quiddelbacher Hohe, Flugplatz, Wehrseifen and Breidscheid. Stretched grass over the holes, blended the edges with dirt where needed. See Pic
- Adjusted the the colour of the Bilstein logo at the bridge.
- Fixed a lot more crowd lines and tents that I found floating or underground.
- Fixed a length of bushes that flickered just passed the old pits along the left in Hatzenbach area. Just too many billboard objects sharing the same space.
- I made a hill of trees near the GP Circuit higher by 20metres that you can see from one road at Hatzenbach.
- Fixed the missing left side of the old pit building. It's not viewable from in car but was an eye sore when watching from the new TV cams. See Pic here
- Fixed a lot of road signs where their poles were not viewable from the rear side. Looked odd when watching from TV cams where you would see floating signs without poles.
- Changed material settings on many objects to make them flicker or flash less.
- Made all the camp-site fires glow better in dark.
- Gave 73 track marshals a flag to hold. Green, Yellow & Blue etc. (qualify and race only). HUD flags should now work too.
- For race only, I blocked the right hand lane at pit exit. Bug was reported that you could gain a lap on everyone else if you started from pitlane and by going through this lane. See pic
Performance changes:-
- More LOD changes in order to both improve FPS and reduce pop up's where needed
- Removed many disused files lurking within all the Mas files. Totally unused. Files going back from the very first versions, files like tree walls, guard rail maps, tree maps, many unused normal maps, old set of Tattoo files. This all, totalling over 690 files, knocking 207meg off the download size. (I've backed them all up incase I ever need to use any of them)
- Removed unnecessary collision from track side objects that don't need collision detention. Objects outside the crash barriers that you would never touch. Weather this improves performance no idea, but no harm done doing it.
GP circuit integration:-
Unfortunately nothing has been done in this area. It's just as Pleclair left it. But a nice little Easter egg, what I have done is allow you access to the circuit if you drive through this crash barrier, see Pic here .
Don't expect anything like real road, smoothed road meshes, AI paths etc. Do expect missing buildings, holes, floating people, flying trees and a bumpy ride :p:D. Better than nothing :D. I added some cones and crash barrier at end of the circuit to guide you back on to the main Nords track.

TOSCH change log v1.70 to v1.80
- New cams. One cam group by "boblevieux (cam group 2). Moving cams in group3.
- Modified TDF file (should be less bumpy in some parts, thx for the feedback to all testers)
- Extensive AIW changes, corridor adjustments
- Lots of new and modified textures
- Parking spots texture replaced with one from Poznan. Feels3 mentioned the textures are free to use, thank you Feels3.
- New HDR profiles (cockpit view improved)
- New real road presets
- New loading screens and Icons
- Added more shadows
- Cut 50% off some texture file sizes by removing the alpha layer on some textures that did not need an alpha layer
- Made road textures alpha brighter to reduce the wet and mirage reflections

HDR Profiles
Tosch has provided some HDR profiles. After choosing which one you want, due to a small bug with rF2, you must exit the track then reload the track again. That should load the profile correctly. If you don't the graphics appear darker than they should be. You should only need to do this once, unless you need to change profile again.

***V1.7 by DJCruicky ***

When our beloved rFactor2 track broke after build 770, all trees missing and looking in a sorry state, with Pleclair all giving up and gone to AC, I thought I would have a look at the problem.
After a lot of poking around in the files, trying different things, found a very small error in the scn file and as by magic all the trees were back working again . Nothing to do with outdated GMT files or anything like that.

I thought, before making a quick update for everyone to enjoy the track with working trees again, I thought about adding some league friendly stuff to it. I've done this many times before for our league; more pit boxes, start lights, spaced out starting grids etc. I also wanted to fix some unfinished LOD issues with pop ups etc. with the track.

When I posted info on the forum that I was going to release a fix soon, Tosch come forward and said he has some texture adjustment on saturation, alpha channel, spec, bump maps and HDR profiles. He sent me what he had and I was amazed. He even had an alt Autumn layout version. The work he had done was based on v1.5 but he soon updated 1.65 to the same standard.

So, we been working together for last 2 weeks improving the track in more ways than we had planned too. The list is endless, here are just some of the things that were done.
I know you guys like change logs, so here goes:-

**DJC change log v1.65 to v1.70 22/07/14**

- Fixed broken trees
- Added 104 grid spots, with first 20 more spaced out than the rest (Test your 64 bit versions of rfactor2 on this I dare you)
- Added 20 pit boxes
- Added 40 garages (<-had some help from Tosch here)
- In pit area, lowered pavements by 4cm's to help AI leave area without getting stuck on them. Making the track online friendly is easy making it AI friendly is not so
- Added start lights to the bridge (race mode only)
- Made 759 LOD changes in order to both improve FPS and reduce pop up's where needed
- Fixed 3 holes in the road
- Cleaned up the camp sites, removing some of the not so finished looking items like flying people, and floating camper vans.
- Fixed a sign that said 'Start Timed Lap Here', it was only viewable from the back but not from the front.
- Fixed the roof on the ticket house.
- Made pitlane 0.5 metres wider to help AI pit without crashing.
- Added tire stack at pit entrance to make it more visible from road.
- Fixed the odd flickering bush.
- Removed a number of trees that were growing outside the guardrails. (I would have fixed a lot more but found 3DSimED3 was braking the Billboarding effect of the trees, so could not use a lot of what I had done, sorry)
- Made the café and the ticket house visible with track detail set to low. People where reporting great big holes in the area where they would have been.
- Added two floating hot air balloons, one made with Germany flag colours and one with Nordschleife logo on it.
- Got Tosch's wheel track map working.

**Tosch change log v1.65 to v1.70 22/07/14**

Texture adjustments:
- Adjusted the saturation and brightness for most of the diffuse textures
- Created new normal maps.
- Created new specular maps.
- Re-sized textures
- Removed the bug where you would get a black line floating above trees
- Exchanged 2 tree textures (oak trees)
- New guardrail texture + high res normal map (normal map has a huge impact on the specular reflection) + new specmap
- Added alpha channel for road reflection (wet and mirage) to all road and roadside textures (kerbs, rumble…).
- Added alpha channel to all road and roadside specmaps.
- Exchanged grass textures and added some flowers.
- New textures for some bushes (borrowed from ISI tracks) and alpha channel modification (more transparency) for x-shape bushes and grass billboards.
- Created a new layout “Nordschleife Tourist Autumn”
- Layout is the same as the Summer layout but the track has modified tree textures (and some other green stuff) and no crowd, marshals, tents, etc. in all sessions.
- Race date is 27th of October 2014. Different sun elevation, times for sunrise/sunset.
- Race date for the Summer layout is 14th of July 2014. DST is enabled (daylight saving time).
- At full track detail the Summer layout has an increasing number of track side objects (crowds, tents, marshals and other stuff). Depends on the session (practice, qualifying, race).
- New loading screens and icons.
- New wheel track map
- VehicleConfig.ini for Indycar road configuration is included.
- Realistic default weather profiles
SCN-file adjustments:
- Improved car reflections (Refmap0)
- Added omni lights to fireplaces. Fires are only visible at full track detail, at night, during race in summer layout (VisGroups=(1217)). (See known bugs)
- Added some omni lights to the garage area, fuel station Doettinger Hoehe and Breidscheid.
- Improved LOD multi and Clip planes for better performance.
- Added some tv cams and adjusted some camera positions.
- There is a tv camera on top of the Nuerburg (high LOD and high view distance). Leave the track on the public road (traffic circle) to activate it. You can also press 3 times “End-key” in tv cam mode while sitting in the pits.
- Added background bird sounds to cameras
HDR profile:
- I have included 3 different hdr profiles for each layout
If you change the hdr profile, leave the track and start a new session. Otherwise the profile becomes way to dark. rFactor needs to reset the black point setting and create a new currentProfile.hdp file.
Real Road:
- 4 different real road presets:-
Medium rubber, Full wet medium rubber, Drying line, 55 percent wet. I’ve created this file in devmode. Should be good to observe different dry states of the track.
- The road reflection may look strange in some situations. The reason is that atm only the sky is reflected. To add the reflections of trackside objects the track needs reflection planes for all elevation changes. That's a job for a pro and not a noob like me.
TDF file adjustments:
- Removed dust from kerbs and run off's.
- Fixed a grass material that had no friction at Döttinger Höhe, was like driving on ice.

***V1.6 by Pclair ***
The roads have been splitted, along with the road edges, road mesh have been increased, and it now drives smooth.

There will be likely many updates to it as well, as I learn more and more, I will be improving the textures and objects over time. My goal is to have this track shine. Nordschleife is THE track, it deserves respect!

Worth mentioning that v1.50 and above also includes the extra 24h objects, like caravans, campfires, extra crowds, security people and vehicles, etc... this is by default enabled at max track detail settings. If you do not wish to have them around, set track details to high... it will load only the default tourist objects. This is the only difference between Max and high. Med and low further removes things... with low removing most things not needed to race, as a last attempt to get the track working on lower end hardware.

At the moment, the track is very heavy with the new forests, which all are using the same 2048x2048 texture. My max file have gotten out of hand with the memory usage, and I cannot work much further on the matter until a 64bit exporter plugin is released, and I will be able to work with 64bit Max, allowing me to use all my 8gb of ram, instead of ~3.3gb..

So at the moment, with my medium end computer, I can play with everything set to max, but it's missing some to be really enjoyable... setting only texture details to high help me achieve a steady 60fps in most cases and allows me to race some 16 AI (havent really tested exactly how much I can run, but with settings to med, I can run 29 AI no problems at 60 fps locked..)

Many thanks to all you that supported me during all this time, I hope the recent updates are pleasing you, on the kerbstone matter, I will lower them later if I can manage to keep working on Nord, but I can't until the 64bit plugin is released. The kerbstone are part of the terrain, and I modded the terrain a bit when I made the forest, redone a few mountains to better match reality, so I cannot get the terrain objects out of my forest max file, without breaking the forests (without importing the forests, which cause the max file to be so heavy...) Cause if I import the terrain into a new max file, and re-import my forest later, they will be broken and I will need to redo them (or I haven't found a way yet... I already screwed up once when I started them)

Enjoy! In the cases where I still can't work on Nord in a few months, I'll release whatever is needed for anyone to continue work on this, if anyone wishes to do so.

EDIT: Oh and you will likely find the AI much harder now I've fully redone the AIW.

First, let me thank the following persons: SPASKIS, Mario Morais, Tosch, Mianiak, Hoover, eth0ne, Richard, Senna12 and likely to be forgetting some.

Nordschleife Guide download link (Thanks to Hectari for providing this! Give this a try, it's an amazing in depth review of the track and how to race it)

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The work on improvement of 3D models and much more are continuing, but we decided to make available the 1992 season on the new ISI simulator.
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

Version 2.0. The track has been completely reworked and is now looking really good. Grandstand added also. Try it, your like it. You wont recognize v1.21 after you have used this.
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

What was already very good is getting even better.

Many thanks.
pso1 on Oct-21-2014

Fantastic!!!! Thank you for all your work!
Robbief on Aug-10-2014

Thank you for updating!

Nordschleife is the mother of all racetracks.
DoktorRotax on Jul-25-2014

Thank you guys, you made ??the very good job! Nordschleife is a really extraordinnaire tour! In any case, its a pleasure to drive on track! good luck
samurai974 on Jun-22-2014

Still not able to download. Any file stops at 40-60 %.
Jinks on Jun-07-2014

same problem here, the DL freezes each time before it even reaches 30%
dh_vetmed on Jun-06-2014

The download link works here.
erwin greven on Jun-06-2014

Download do not work...
Jinks on Jun-05-2014

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