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Nostalgia Funnycar 0

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Novel
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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These are reproduction 1970's Funnycars for use with our drastrips...We would like to thank our model maker PaquitoCR.Without him none of this would have been possible

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gcr27 on Dec-16-2018

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kodokterbang on May-20-2018

The beta link doesnt work :/
St3v3GAMER on Jul-06-2015

I did not have the problem of a virus or not reading texture and the thin works find but a lot of other mod that i did no download
billyracer_88 on Apr-05-2011

Didn't get a virus but there is still messed up stuff like not reading textures =/
Wambo on Jul-22-2010



I am now having probs with other games too. Games that have NOTHING to do with rFactor.
In the actual release , you may want to remove all your other RFMs from the install. It overwrote a heap of mine and messed stuff up MAJORLY.

I think you really need to take these links off and look at your install before putting it back up m8.
GrimmReaper on Jan-31-2009

Also another problem. U have the rfm looking for things in the wrong places. Plus once installed it somehow *****s up a WHOLE LOAD of other mods too. Alot of my showrooms will not load now, Other modfs now have errors that I have NEVER had a problem with. I know this is a beta release but these are some MAJOR problems that alot of people will get very pissed about. PLZ FIX !!!
GrimmReaper on Jan-28-2009

Finally got a link to work.......mod doesn't. 3 successive gMotor errors on selecting the mod in game. Global Textures and 2X brushed metal errors. Any ideas on getting this resolved??
GrimmReaper on Jan-28-2009

Both Broken Links !!
GrimmReaper on Jan-28-2009

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