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Nsuka 1.70

By: Takach
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 19-Sep-10
Current release: 1.700, on 12-Oct-14

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Screenie by: Takach
Screenie by: Takach
Screenie by: Takach
Screenie by: Takach
Screenie by: Takach
Screenie by: Takach
Screenie by: Takach
Screenie by: Takach
Screenie by: Takach
Screenie by: Takach

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Nsuka V1.70, by Takach

Nsuka is a virtual circuit about the 'Naruto Skyline' in Naruto city,Tokushima,Japan.

There are nine following layouts.
-Nsuka_EastLong (round trip)
-Nsuka_EastShort (round trip)
-Nsuka_Endurance (round trip)
-Nsuka_FullCourse(round trip)
-Nsuka_InnerLoop (one way)
-Nsuka_OuterLoop (one way)
-Nsuka_SkyLine (round trip)
-Nsuka_WestLong (round trip)
-Nsuka_WestShort (round trip)

In round trip type layout of Nsuka, you may encounter oncoming cars. Drive it safety!

You should drive the left traffic lane except overtaking, to obey a japanese traffic law.

In race, the 'rFactor system' may not judge a race result correctly by a specific truck layout, In such a case, respect a judgment of your own racing spirit.

Playing Tips
-Read 'Nsuka_Reademe.txt' first.
If you( or other cars) continue driving over the centerline, you will recieve a 'Fullcourse Yellow Caution' or 'Black Flag' in some MODs. In such a case, modidy the FLAG RULES.
-more FPS performance
You can improve a FPS performance by lower 'CIRCUIT DETAIL' setting or lower than 'Medium' setting of 'SHADOWS'.
-Flickering shadows
Try 'Vsync On' in 'rFactor Config' tool or increase the 2nd value of all 'ClipPlanes' in your selected vehicle '*.cam' file.

-If you installed Nsuka_Ver1.10 or older,
delete 'Nsuka' folder in your rFactor 'GameData/locations' folder
delete 'Nsuka_*.hat' files in your rFactor 'UserData/LOG/HAT' folder.
-Nsuka_Ver1.70 is not compatible with Nsuka_Ver1.10 or older.
-Extract '' to your 'rFactor' folder.
*data structure of ''
----Nsuka data # some folders and files

Release Note

* Added new track layouts, 'Endurance', 'InnerLoop' and 'OuterLoop'.
* Adjusted track layouts in 'FullCourse' section.
* Updated track bump map.
* Adjusted terrain image gap.
* Updated street light effect.
* Updated track side building light effect.

* Changed track width(narrow and tight than older version), for more reality.
* Adjusted track incline and undulation.
* Adjusted bank angle of some corners.
* Changed FFB efect.
* Updated AIW.
* Updated light reflection of track and traffic signs.
* Updated many wall/object textures and shapes.
* Improved FPS performance at full 'SHADOW' setting, by changing shadow effects of trees and mountain. It may be good visual or it may be poor, by a place and time progress.
* Adjusted angle(pitch, Roll) of Grid/Pit guide box.

* Upadated the points of Sector1 and Sector2 in 'EastLong', 'EasstShort', 'WestLong' and 'WestShort' for stability of the passage judgment of those points.

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457/500 (540 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

Thanks to Prithvisagar Shivaraman for Geramech Land Porsche Skins!
halloween costumes
best waist trainer
inflatable dinosaur costume
little red riding hood costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Nov-08-2016

Three weather conditions: sunny, rainy and snowy day.
halloween costumes
best waist trainer
inflatable dinosaur costume
little red riding hood costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Nov-07-2016

Tacach my man whats the name of the song is really cool can I have the name PLEASE!!!!
SpeedRoh on May-31-2016

Hi can I have the name of this funk music please...tks
roh18014 on Mar-11-2016

Who is playing this fooking song it is smashing...give the name...give me the name...
SpeedRoh on Mar-11-2016

takach. can youu help me? endurance,inner, and outer loop didnt show up on track list(ingame)
i already delete 1.10 nsuka track and the HAT things. and then i copy the nsuka 1.70 to location folder. patch it to 1.71 and copy the 1.70 Hat. but the endurance,inner,and outer still not in the game.
shiragikumatsuzuki on Dec-13-2014

I don't know if v1.70 had improved & allowed my not-so-good hardware to run , or it's because I had different hardware compared with when I was want to try on the older version ... I'm glad to say this , it works on my rFactor !

I love every single inch of this track , they are rather good quality despite it's being a large size map ... I would expect it don't have camera , many surface being done badly that would trapped my car , or the road would have unexpected turn that would throw you into the blue hell ... but no , everything were smooth , and those scenery , they makes me unable to concentrate to even drive properly !

I just ran on the inner loops , took me 30-minutes , but on my defence , I was too busy taking photo , and most of the time I drive rather slowly !

I hope there's more to come !
RDS on Oct-27-2014

Thank you, I like this updated track!
neron2 on Oct-19-2014


Change to
-Lower graphic options in rFactor.
-Steady PC drive (If Overdriving).
-higher spec Graphiccard or CPU.
Takach on Oct-16-2014

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