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Nvidia FPS Fix 0.30

By: Wombat778

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Screenie by: wombat778
Screenie by: wombat778

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This is an attempt to fix an incompatibility that causes very low FPS in rFactor when using many NVIDIA cards (most common on the 8800 series). The problem is caused by the way that these cards allocate memory for vertex buffers. The long history of this problem and the solution in the following thread:

Quite a few people have been using this fix for a while, and it seems to produce between a 50% to 100% improvement in FPS, especially at the back of the grid. For unknown reasons, however, certain people are not affected by this problem and actually see reduced performance with this file. Your mileage may vary. Please also note that a few people with ATI cards have reported an improvement. Finally, this also appears to work in at least some other games based on ISI's engine, including GTR2.


There have been a few reports of lockups when using this fix. It is not clear whether the problem is related to the fix or is due to something else, but be aware that the possibility of lockups exists. I am very sorry if you experience any lockups with the fix, and please post a comment here if it happens to you.


This version works with the HDR plugin (the original one, not the modded one), but does NOT work with the TVStyle plugin at this time.


Put the included d3d9.dll in your rFactor root folder.

If you want to use the HDR plugin, rename that plugin to d3d9_2.dll. As a result, in your rfactor folder you should have 2 files: d3d9.dll (my DLL), and d3d9_2.dll (the HDR plugin).


Delete the d3d9.dll file from your rFactor root folder. If you were using the HDR plugin, rename d3d9_2.dll to d3d9.dll.

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Crashes with win10, worked great with win7.
jamesst99 on Mar-29-2016

Hi! I'm having a similar issue with rFactor, but I've tried this plugin and the game crashes. I'd like to try with an earlier version also, is it still possible to download those?

eugensechel on May-22-2015

Worked like charm on my GT860... Thank you very much!
ordnas1234 on Feb-28-2015

No Ati fix? Does anyone know how to improve performance in game for ati amd users?
Rage9one on Nov-11-2014

Running rFactor on a Acer Aspire 6920g with external moniter, and getting much better FPS. Running much better now thank you.... cheers matey.
HOTDOGUK on Jul-04-2014

I had a problem running rFactor in Windows 7. I had decent FPS most of the time but sometimes low FPS and sometimes dropping down to almost zero. I tried a lot of recommended things and non of them made a difference. With this Nvidia FPS Fix it looks like the problem is fixed.
NitroMcClean on Feb-02-2014

hi all do i just place this in rfactor main folder
makerm061 on Jul-19-2013

my game crashes when i pot the file in the root of rfactor can you please help me
shawn15 on Jul-06-2013

Where exactly do I put this? I tried Crogramfiles/rfactor. There isn't a d3d.dll in there to replace, and it didn't make a differnce so I think it's not the right place to put it. I have an 8800 alphadog so I think this might help the terrible fps i'm getting if I did it right. Please help
ArtfulDodger on Feb-14-2013

Yeah does nothing just crashes game GTX260 x3 SLI
piotrekbuzniak on Jan-31-2013

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