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By: Tatsu Zett4Prod
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 25-Jun-14
Current release: 1, on 25-Jun-14

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Screenie by: Tatsu Zett4Prod
Screenie by: Tatsu Zett4Prod

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OKEGAWA est un circuit de Karting utilisé pour le drift au japon,utilisé pat bon nombre d'amateur il jouit maintenant d'une réputation a travers le monde pour sa qualité de virage.

Les amateurs ce bouscule pour foulé ce sol démoniaque ou la simple voitures ce transforme en missile,porte contre porte la bataille fait rage,débutant et professionnelles s'échange leurs impression et ressentie bienvenue au Japon du coté D' OKEGAWA.

Okegawa is a karting circuit used for drifting in Japan, used pat good amateur number he now enjoys a worldwide reputation for its quality of turn.

This upsets fans for this demonic trodden ground or simple car transforms into missile, door against door the battle rages, beginner and experienced printing and welcome to Japan next OF okegawa professional trades.

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bayu01 on Sep-15-2017

very nice post i like it and very nice site and i also share it wit my friends
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AprilRussell on Sep-06-2017

It is very easy to see what the problem is with this mod. The basic skin file of every car is a whopping 22 Mbyte. I don't see the point for creating such a big skin files. The entire mod is 2,5 Gbyte. There are very good looking F1 mods for rFactor which are not more than 300 MByte. So why creating such a very high detailed skin files?
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

nice work. but please , all of us drifters are not into "slowdancing" with other men. Tandem is way to GAY for me. I dont really want to get close to anybody for that matter , especially someone who COULD possibly wreck my car. Even though its a sim. The instinct is not, its acquired from years of RL racing and repair costs.

Can you and the rest of the community focus on real places of proper scale? Car areas for cars, and karts can stay on kart tracks. Its one thing to call some areas tracks , but in all honesty they are nothing more than a flat parking lot with lines painted on it. How very juvenile in dads mustang sneaking out to do doughnuts at night is that? Right?

Not dissing your work, its top notch. Just disgusted at the direction the damn hobby has turned. No longer is it about freedom of expression. Its about being just like the guy in front of mr and the guy behind me. No more uniqueness, no more iconic personalities. Just automatons. Doing the same thing, at the same places, over and over and over..

etc etc
TrojanHertz on Apr-06-2015

Awesome track broski
rastas on Jun-25-2014

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