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OLDRing 1.80

By: Gundam and Uitko
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 30-May-07
Current release: 1.800, on 09-Feb-08

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Screenie by: hingo
Screenie by: hingo
Screenie by: THEDUMMY
Screenie by: THEDUMMY
Screenie by: max86
Screenie by: max86
Screenie by: Cika Mika
Screenie by: Cika Mika
Screenie by: max86
Screenie by: max86

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

10 layout
- Grand Prix

- Classic (original v1.0)

- Club Junior (NEW)

- Club (NEW)

- Formula Challenge Junior

- Formula Challenge

- Indy

- International Junior (NEW)

- International (NEW)

- Racing

* Final v2.0 will include other layout

Track created by: Pierluigi Alessio "Gundam"

Track idea and project by: Paolo Gianello "Uitko"


- for beta testing and support

- for beta testing and support

- Thorsten Reuter for GREAT track cams

- for support

- Massimo Angiolucci "Max_A" ( for tips and direct link with ISI

- Giovanni Culmone "Culmone67" for some adjustment on texture

- Image Space Incorporated (ISI)... for developing rFactor

- The Racesimcentral Staff, who gave us 'the place' for share and learn a lot of knowledge on simracing and modding.

- Alessandro Piemontesi "Outrunner", Gabriele Bonora "Elwood" & Riccardo Barducco "Marcatore" for 3d tips&tricks

- Pete Walsh for his great site (


The track is optimized for v1.250 of rFactor.


Double click on the exe file and select your rFactor path when requested



Peoples and crowd (mesh and textures) are from ISI's stock tracks. Trucks are from Simbin.

we are working on several other layouts of the OLDRing Park, they are already visible but we will open on the next release after teaching the AI how to drive it. :)
The circuit is perfect to drive with all the mods that has been realized, We hope that can give you hours and hours of amusement as it did to us making the circuit.
The passion for the Formula 1 cars pushed us to take the best features from real circuits to make the OldRing; as you can understand from some of the turns name, they are taken directly from real counterparts but not absolutely a copy apart for three turns (Variante Alta, Mobilkom, Adelaide).

Enjoy the OldRing and push to the limit!

CHANGE LOG TO v1.8 : 4 new layout : Club Junior, Club, International Junior, International

- added skids

- darker asphalt for bumping sections

- some cameras changed (thanks again to Thorsten Rueter)

CHANGE LOG TO v1.6 : Dedicated server CTD fixed - Camera position for Formula Challenge - New nightlights (this cound improve fps)

- Special thanks to Peter Koletzki "GTI-Heizer" (OrdRing GTR2 converter) for CTD and nightlight suggestion

CHANGE LOG TO v1.5 : 4 new layout : Classic : original v1.0 layout with 1.1 improvements (fps, stuttering and grass grip) - Formula Challenge - Formula Challenge Jr - Indy

- minor bumping at Rind corner (only in some regions)

- difference of level reduced before Old Chicane and Dunlop bridge

Note :

- AI don't work fine with some mods

- remove previous .hat files in ..UserDataLOGHAT


- night and day fps improvements

- solved stuttering problem for some pc ... i hope !?!?

- minor grip on grass

- minor bumping at Rind corner (v1.0 hard bumping - v1.1 medium bumping)

- Beckets and Chapel anti-cut track barriers

- Variante Alta sand with anti-cut track barriers

- New Variante Alta road (ready for Racing layout)

- New chicane near Old Chicane (ready for Racing layout), open but not used now in this layout


- Gabriele Bonora "Elwood" for trees shadow suggestion and 3d tips&tricks

- SimLeague and RacingFr members for some track suggestions

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Really nice post ! Complete. Can't say anything else.. Thank's a lot !
Mickeal on Aug-31-2015

Amazing track!....i like of the best.
Rider500 on Jun-12-2015

One of the best scratch made tracks for rF.
CapitanulHaos on Jun-08-2010

I don't know why, but on this track, all AI racers get engine failures before the end of the race, making it a (too) easy win for me.
MParallel on Oct-31-2009

Simply one of the best tracks for any racing platform...thanks!!
Nick30 on Sep-08-2009

stunning!! eye candy to the max and the drive/race is soooo smooooth..
THEDUMMY on Jun-05-2009

Can you make a layout just like Club Jr. without the chicane at turn 1?
bdr_ws6 on May-11-2009

Could someone upload version 1.8 again? None of the download links function.
Social Disorder on Mar-21-2009

great track. But i have one little advice. For next version you could, lets say, modernise it a bit. I mean put new asphalt with less bumps, lower kerbs, add a schicane somwhere for overtaking possibility, and of course asphalt run-off areas.
f1racing on Feb-06-2009

This is one of the best track never made for rfactor. no doubt. just perfect. marvelous.
100000 tnks
jefferson on Jan-14-2009

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