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Ocala Gran Prix 0.60

By: rJustin
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: rJustin
Screenie by: rJustin

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This is my Favorite Go-Kart Track and have had so many good times at this place :P

The Track used to sponsor "Bobby Wilson" in the Indy Pro Series. and the track was used in the Opening Round of the "2008 Stars of Karting" Championship.

This will be my first attempt at a Track and I will probably need some help.

The Track will be built with Bobs Track Builder.

Track Info

Location-Ocala, Florida, USA

2 Layouts
-Grand Prix/Length-6/10 Mile
-Oval/Length-1/5 Mile (Will be good for Street Stocks :P)


And Wish Me Luck :D

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I also wanted to add, it would be nice if you could create the variation of the tracks. Like both chicane and hairpin, or none, or just one. Also if you could run it both counterclockwise and clockwise. That would be surreal. Otherwise just the normal grand prix length is still really cool to practice on.
rajyam on Jun-05-2009

Does anyone have the 103rd Street Jacksonville kart track?
decrastonation on May-10-2009

I have already made my own Ocala GP circuit on Bob's track builder to practice for the FWT. I can send you the track file if you want. email me,
kartracer76 on Feb-23-2009

YESS!!!! I club race on this track almost every weekend!!!!!
Just take your time and make sure you do it up right! :]
marshracing on Feb-04-2009


I am going to be rebuilding the track as the 2009 Stars of Karting Season will once again be starting there season there and i think it would be best to get some pics of the track during that weekend to better the track! that is the reason for no screenshots atm
rJustin on Nov-30-2008

Grassroots Motorsport magazine.
YodaMcFly on Sep-12-2008

what is GRM???

im just curious
rJustin on Sep-11-2008

Is this the same Ocala Gran Prix track that GRM uses for many of their tests?

Looks good, keep up the good work!
YodaMcFly on Sep-07-2008

track is going great!! about 60% done now!! since theres like no buildings near it the track is fairly simple to make
rJustin on Aug-31-2008

great track, man! 2 layouts, cool! waiting for it!
Adriano Augusto on Aug-20-2008

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