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Official VHR Master League SkinPack 2011 0.10


Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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All leagues please update your league information with the following information. We are looking for new leagues to join our community, just fill out the info below and email it to 1. League Tag 2. League Full Name 3. Website url (free 3 month free website) 4. TS3 or Vent ip (free ts3 available for your league) 5. Admin/Owners Email Address Thank You NBSR_MCOPY 1______________________________ BPR Back Porch Racing TS3 - port 9946 Admin-owner-league EMAIL - ?
2_______________________________ D2D No info available yet 3________________________________ DBF Race to Play www.RACE2PLAY.COM TS3 - port9987 Admin-owner-legue email- ?
4_________________________________ NSR nortex sim racing TS3 _ port9989 5_________________________________ NTR No Tags Racing TS3 - port9987 6________________________________ OCR OC Racing no info 7_______________________________ RJM RJMotorSports TS3 - port7175
8________________________________ RRA Redline Racers Association TS3 - 208.100.177 port 4130 9______________________________ S57 S57MOTORSPORTS TS3 port9847 10_______________________________ SPR Sim Pro Racing Series no info
11_____________________________ SRZ SIM RACING ZONE TS3 - port 9987 12__________________________ STR StatRacer TS2 port 8829
13_____________________________ UDR UnderDogRacingOnline TS3 port 9987 14___________________________ USAR no other info 15__________________________ WP WolfPacRacing TS3 port 9771 16__________________________ WRL WilderRacingLegue no other info 17____________________________ WSU WeStandUnitedMotorsports TS3 port 7440
18_____________________________ SCR Sim Cup Racers port 9987
19______________________________ EMD Eat My Dust Racing
20______________________________ ROAR ROAR Racin League

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Latest Official VHR Master League SkinPack 2011 Comments

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king001 on Nov-18-2018

king001 on Nov-12-2018
king001 on Sep-19-2018

If you run VHR2011 and have a league or custom skin, and you want it in our Multi-league SkinPack you can contact me at emil
You can send your skin as an attachmant. Make sure you tell me where it belongs example Cup Chevy 001, CTS Ford 003 etc. Thank you and enjoy our skin pack!!!!
mcopy on Aug-19-2011

Awesome work guys!Thanks for all the hard work.Kill
Killdrums on Jul-27-2011

Yes, We accept all levels of drivers. We will help you with the setups and painting of your cars. look for us in the rf game lobby for ~~~NBSR anyname server.
And ts3 at port 9987

mcopy on Jul-22-2011

is there any way to skin the ai cars?
victorylane1 on Jul-21-2011

is there a good rookie league where people wont get mad if you wreck ?
victorylane1 on Jul-21-2011

how do you install this?
victorylane1 on Jul-21-2011

Any Skin that says NBSR-OPENED is available for you! Just contact NBSR_MASK and get your number on it!
mcopy on Jul-20-2011

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