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Omnitel 1000km 1.41

By: Mindaugas Kerge
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 05-Apr-09
Current release: 1.410, on 17-Jul-11

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Screenie by: minker
Screenie by: minker
Screenie by: minker
Screenie by: minker
Screenie by: minker
Screenie by: minker
Screenie by: minker
Screenie by: minker
Screenie by: minker
Screenie by: minker

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

It's my first track for racing simulation and at the moment version 1.0.
Inaccuracy of length, width, camber of the track is approximately +/- 3 centimeters.

The track of Omnitel 1000km located in Palanga, Lithuania (close to Baltic Sea).
It's a temporary long distance race track (in closed public roads), where event is only once a year in a middle of July.
Race length: 1000km or no more than 10 hours.
Lap length: 2994 meters
At the same time in 2009 teams will compete in 8 different classes.

First event in this track was on 2000, where was just 19 team. Year by year race event become very popular and on 2008 was 87 teams from Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Russia and etc.

Thanks to:
Promosportas (Darius Jonusis), Omnitel (Antanas Zabulis), Topo Centras (Aurelijus Rusteika) - promotion.
Vytautas Juodagalvis, Darius Grinbergas - beta track testing.
Piddy - BTB
ISI - for rFactor
SimGarage UK team - 3DsimEd


Second update.
Current version 1.4.0
!!!Before installing, remove previous version!!! from directory: ...rFactor/GameData/Locations/Palanga

Updates: roadmarks, pits, marshals, horizont...


Third update.
Current version 1.4.1
!!!Before installing, remove previous version!!! from directory: ...rFactor/GameData/Locations/Palanga

Fixed track crash.

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Whitewolf, link updated
[RFC]-Fresh! on May-01-2013

Where is the link?
x2O4FxWhitewolf on Apr-30-2013

Ntimid8ter >>> longtime looked for problem, and finally found, that was problem with cameras file, during installer creation.
minker on Jul-18-2011

I just installed track<GREAT TRACK> I went from track to garage 10 times never crashed to desktop.

For thoughs having the problem crashing to desktop use the uninstaller, thats assuming youe used the installer,reason why I think that is because rfactor said long time ago if you dont want prohblems, point self installer to temp folder than manuley put track where it go's I have always done this because some times installers do not work the way the should.

Hope this helps
Ntimid8ter on Jul-17-2011

Game crashing when i press ESC
IIrmantass on Mar-19-2011

1st of all, Great fun track!

2nd thing, Does this track have working trackside cameras or is it a duff install on my PC?

I just get a view of pitlane garages and nothing else on trackside view.
bazwaterboy on Dec-21-2010

There's a bug. Cannot return to monitor on multiplayer it just crashes game.
Aidziuz on Nov-17-2010

Now 3 download links. All of them have to work.
minker on Nov-14-2010

Nice track , but also crashing to dt when goin to garage .
wezroz on Nov-14-2010

This is a great track, and I really enjoy driving it. However I find it impossible to ESC back to the garage. Every time I press ESC while on track, rFactor crashes. Any ideas on what may be happening?
SouthPawRacer on Nov-13-2010

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