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Opel Corsa A 1992 1

By: Hermmie
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 15-Mar-07
Current release: 1, on 15-Mar-07

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Screenie by: mgkart
Screenie by: mgkart
Screenie by: poleza
Screenie by: poleza
Screenie by: poleza
Screenie by: poleza
Screenie by: poleza
Screenie by: poleza
Screenie by: mgkart
Screenie by: mgkart

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Opel Corsa A 1992 Mod for rFactor


- lightweight FWD handling fun
- covers most original Opel Factory Colors available at that time
- a whole lot of upgrade options to tune the car
- working cockpit with gauges

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sound doesnt work, even the wav-files are damaged! can sb help me ?
LukasKnappstein on Mar-16-2012

the corsa mod stock doesn't work for me ??
can anyone help me?
miccali on Sep-16-2011

an update for this mod will be nice
rpmpower on Aug-05-2011

Does anybody know how I can contact the author of this great mod? I'm leaving my email address here, if anyone knows his address, please send it to I really, REALLY, need to get in touch with him!
rpmartins on Mar-29-2010

Neat little mod! I like the ability to start out with a stock (street) car and then improve it further thru upgrades, and that the it's got a simple but accurate dashboard.
Raido1 on Feb-24-2010

very slgish car but when you upgrade it it flies
olpas on Nov-21-2009

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for this corsa (Nova!!!!), it is long overdue in racing games. Would love to see a mk1 (1983-1987) one next.................
kjsdhfvnlakdjfshgvbfdlkjh on Jun-26-2009


Nice car, it's really like a usual street car I guess, physics seems to be accurate.
Thanks Fela for the sound fix, in fct, I think only default engine sound have the issue (rtec1* sound are corrupted or wrong).

JusTiCe8 on Jun-09-2009

No Sound Fix..
I've put up a link (not yet submitted), please test it and comment. This is a very nice mod by: Hermmie, but it did have some Codec problems.
I tried to fix that........ just let me know if it doesn't work for you, the link will hopefully be online in the next 24Hours. Just in case here's a mirror..... Corsa_A1992_NoSoundFix

Grtzz FeLa
FeLa on Mar-28-2009

downloaded car and soundpack, and the sounds work, except no engine sound
dopeydog on Mar-03-2009

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Opel Corsa A 1992