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Opel Vectra 0

By: Fnep AKA Anders Jensen
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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This is my own real life car im doing for rfactor.

It will come with several sets of styling and tuning as upgrades.

It will only be this one car not a series as my CRX cup

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Latest Opel Vectra Comments

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Please keep working! I NEED to drive this car!
Rmontanha on Jul-06-2010

hurry up plz im dying to drive it
daneb510 on May-30-2010

Hurry up and make this mod AAAHHHH!
MITCH959 on Feb-18-2010

We need this car and hope to see it soon. Now it looks rather attractive.
Amigo Diaz on Jan-10-2010

Was ist denn eigentlich aus dem Vectra geworden, ist das Project gestorben oder wird noch fleißig gearbeitet. Man hört leider nichts mehr von Ihm. Schade eigentlich.
milde607 on Sep-20-2009

hello, i'm a brasilian boy and here in Brasil this car is very popular in the high class (only the richs have)
but you have date for lance this mod?!
i'm crazy for test this mod...
dedux on Jul-22-2009

plz a download link!!! I need this car!!! I give a real opel vectra
Secund Schumacher on Jun-08-2009

I hope you will rls it soon... im proud owner of this car in liftback version
MoRpHiN on May-19-2009

Any chance of a BTCC Super Touring version?
David Paterson on Apr-06-2009

Not released yet, not possible to download.
Firefox on Feb-20-2009

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