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Opzoldering 1

By: nezeiges
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 28-Jul-11
Current release: 1, on 28-Jul-11

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Screenie by: nezeiges
Screenie by: nezeiges

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Opzoldering is in real life a slotracetrack in my attick
(See the blog is in dutch but you can see the cars i'm driving and the electronics i've build)

It's my first track build with BTB so the AI is not brilliant (this may be my next project; making a better AI)
The track was first made for GTR2 and looks a little different now because rFactor is more FPS friendly then GTR2 so i added some trucks, cars and better trees and bushes.


Extract the gamedata folder to your main rFactor directory, nothing will be overwritten.

I hope you all have fun driving it

Nezeiges © 27-07-2011

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Nezeiges I can understand why you have made this track. If I could make tracks for rFactor I would do exactly the same, not from a slotracetrack but one of the tracks my son creates for his toy cars. This Opzoldering is great for you I think, but for the rest of the world I think it is just the next average fantasy track. It would have been really fun if you had made it look like a real slotracetrack. That way a lot of people could have fun with it. Original name, Opzoldering, and the AI is not very bad.
NitroMcClean on Aug-01-2011

Hey Nezeiges,
I'm gonna try it, if you like rfactor in Dutch search for dutch translation here on rfactor.

Greetz uncels
uncels on Jul-30-2011

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