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Orchard Lake 1

Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 31-Aug-05
Current release: 1, on 31-Aug-05

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Banked Tri-Oval with Infield Road Course, Washington, Pennsylvania, USA. Part of the rFactor installation.

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Realistic Track Surface
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Morlock28 on Jul-13-2009

What's wrong with the link above? It is both good and official. Granted, it may take about 10 clicks and 63.125 seconds more than the usual installer, but at least you would have had it by now .
SLN on May-22-2009

please a good link!
alvaroch on May-22-2009 - download the OrchardLake folder (file per file, it's not that many) and make sure the directory structure on your HDD is the same as the one in the link above.
SLN on Apr-13-2009

This the Link for update but not this the one of unloading of the track, mabe to put some Link to be able to unload it please
gmracing on Apr-12-2009

I'm also looking for a DL link please.
Mirfee on Apr-10-2009

Thank you
Betablocker on Oct-21-2008

Anyone got the link for this track please ?
Betablocker on Oct-20-2008

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