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Osterreichring 70 1

By: motorfx
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 07-Sep-10
Current release: 1, on 07-Sep-10

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Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse

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The Österreichring is a disused Austrian race circuit which hosted the Formula One Austrian Grand Prix for 18 consecutive years, from 1970 to 1987. as it was used in the world sports car championship in 1970, I was asked about it for the CSGT mod..
This is the same rendition of the 70 Oesterreich for rFactor and other formats, I have previously released at Nogrip, to represent the earlier seventies layout before 77 and the Hella Licht chicane was introduced..
Some new textures and some areas remapped (some sections of the road remoddled)
for this rfactor version, extract rar to temp folder then copy the "70stracks" folder into your rFactor/GameData/locations..It will show up under 70stracks

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its a virus! do not download it.
roccosenna on Nov-21-2012

a fantastic track, maybe one of most fascinating and dangerous of all '70s
I made 1'40"470 with my Brabham Alfa mod '76
is this a good time? who knows?
Jarier78 on Oct-14-2012

Big thanks for the track minus chicane. Have driven the '79 version but incredible how that one chicane alters the whole rhythm of a lap - much nicer without ; one lap just flows seamlessly into another.
BonzoDogge on Sep-13-2010

turn 1 in the 79 renault is simply stunning, nice enhancements overall motorfx rules !
RustyM on Sep-12-2010

And with F1 Seven 1973, 74 & 75 mods, of course!
tatinos on Sep-08-2010

great track with F171 mod!

EDIT: i found this mirror
mauro on Sep-08-2010

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