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Oulton Park 2005 1

By: lasercutter/gringosan
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 23-Dec-06
Current release: 1, on 23-Dec-06

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8 layouts of Oulton Park, UK

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465/500 (2471 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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rFactor2 Please?
jimcarrel on Mar-24-2012

Awesome track! I wish more rFactor tracks looked like this one. It's nice and bright with excellent looking textures. Great job!!
Hawker on Aug-09-2010

Awesome track, lifted directly from ToCA race driver 3 I believe, I actually like the textures, very satisfying to drive also, all the bumps and elevation changes make you feel like your there!
monkeyboy85 on Jul-12-2010

Thanks for your help THEDUMMY, I've installed the NVidia fps fix and I have now about 3 more fps. Unfortunately this is still not enough to drive smoothly on this track. Ok my gfx card is too weak
OlivierMDVY on Nov-29-2009

Try wombats 'fps fix' @ OliverMDVY available here


I only have a laptop but tuned with these two bits of kit and there's a marked improvement in performance
THEDUMMY on Nov-28-2009

Nice track but unfortunately all these trees slow down my system... I use a poor Nvidia Quadro FX350
OlivierMDVY on Nov-28-2009

thankyou lazercutter, you must remember the clients are always right. unless you stated that in your notes.: LOL

great track, added to hof too.hehe
banger on Sep-25-2009

lol........... over 2 years after it was released this track eventually reached the old HOF stats
lasercutter on Mar-13-2009

Nice track but I don't like the texturing ... I hope there will be a soon update from SLN or someone else.
Leihzahnrad on Feb-24-2009

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