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Oz Racers 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 03-May-07
Current release: 1, on 03-May-07

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Screenie by: ferret40
Screenie by: ferret40
Screenie by: dreamseller
Screenie by: dreamseller
Screenie by: dreamseller
Screenie by: dreamseller
Screenie by: Brett Fisher
Screenie by: Brett Fisher
Screenie by: TUNDRA_schumacher
Screenie by: TUNDRA_schumacher

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Realistic Damage
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Colega poderia colocar o template do mod...
welber on Dec-24-2013

Hi all - we don't usually come back here so our answers are very infrequent since the release way back. We are looking at it and we have noted all the issues that we wish to resolve first up. Then we will look at it going forward whether we make a new version.
FlashQld on Aug-08-2013

Thanks for the mod. I just have one problem with it when using realfeel/leo for ffb the steering wheel just pulls to the right and thats all. Makes the cars undrivable. Should I be using the standard rfactor ffb?
Also heard a new car is going to be added to the ozracer line up in the real series. Looking forward to the next race, I find them more entertaining than the V8 Supercars to watch.
Leaves on Apr-13-2013

download winrar
freew67 on Apr-08-2013

Hi Guys, i downloaded this mod and it was a rar. file, how do i get it into a file that works in rfactor? im new to rfactor so not sure? thanks
bradybaldwin on Apr-08-2013

Hey guys! Are you planning any updates for this mod? Aussie Racing Cars are an AWESOME series and they deserve to have it! I know you guys are really busy with your other mods, but if you have some time, please update this one. Thank you!!!
lucastulic on Mar-21-2013

I love this Cars good job
MrHaselnuss58 on Dec-24-2012

hi can i have a link to this mod
hr31 on Oct-14-2012

Can't wait for an updated version of this mod. It's one of the best I've played.
jpass191 on Feb-08-2012

Any update in the pipeline, you guys do excellent werk BIG thx to FVR
Smelly Skidmark on Dec-23-2011

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Oz Racers