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PCC 2005 Great Britian 1.20

By: Dave Ellis
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 01-Jan-06
Current release: 1.200, on 13-Aug-06

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v12 Presents The Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain 2005

This is a stand alone mod and does not effect your current PCC installation. It is selectable like all other mods in the player menu. This download includes the only patch released.

Comes with:

- 18 Cars from every race of 2005
- 28 Different Liveries that ran in 2005
- New Safety Car
- New menu background. Photos from Peter - May, video compiled by Six Degrees
- New Weekend format (1 practice, 1 qualifying, 1 race)
- New Points system
- All high res textures (2048x2048).

Credits to:
- GSMF - for obvious reasons!
- Dave Ellis (me - Paints)
- Six Degrees (webspace, menu background, folder structure help)
- Peter May (photos - )
- Mike Hoyer (photos - )
- James North (photos - )
bigears (photos)
- Rob Ryder (photos)
- serginho (photos)

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hi, i've copied the vehicles into the gamedata/Vehicles folder but the cars don't appear in the vehicle select screen?! plz help.
racer113 on May-25-2010

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PCC 2005 Great Britian