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PCC 2005 Portugal 1

By: rpmartins

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Screenie by: rpmartins
Screenie by: rpmartins

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Since there has never been a Porsche Carrera Cup in Portugal, I've decided to take Team GSFM's AMAZING PCC05 Germany Mod and create a fictional PCC05 Portugal Mod.

Every single car has been changed. There are 16 teams, each with 2 cars.

All drivers are experienced Portuguese Rally drivers or Circuit drivers, except for cars 212 and 666 which are driven here by rock gods Nicko McBrain and Bruce Dickinson, drummer and lead singer for Iron Maiden.

Team RPM Competicoes (cars 11 and 12) is my own real life rally team, car 11 is my co-driver and car 12 is myself.

You'll probably find two skins particularly interesting, Team Playboy (cars 69 and 70) and Team Iron Maiden (cars 212 and 666).

All the credits must go for Team GSFM for their incridible work, I only took a few hours from my evenings to change the skins to make this skin pack.

Enjoy and, please, support Team GSFM to encourage them to continue their outstanding work.

*** NOTE: PCC 2005 Germany is required for this addon to work ***

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This file has been deleted.
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gigiobr on Jan-21-2009

link morto
PDNPT on Jan-20-2009

O link não funciona.
carlosbasto on Jan-20-2009

file is deleted
Alex Zahen on Jan-20-2009

Link not working at all.
richrosa on Jan-18-2009

No working link here.
slider916 on Jan-18-2009

Link deleted?
coolhandpaul on Jan-18-2009

link not working for me.
vondutch51 on Jan-18-2009

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