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PCC 2007 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 31-Aug-07
Current release: 1, on 31-Aug-07

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Screenie by: anger
Screenie by: anger
Screenie by: notsofrisk
Screenie by: notsofrisk
Screenie by: anger
Screenie by: anger
Screenie by: SERGIOPINAR
Screenie by: SERGIOPINAR
Screenie by: daniel52
Screenie by: daniel52

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The modification PCC 2007 simulates 4 seasons with the new 997 GT3 Cup Car. The Mod inlcudes the carrera Cup Seasons of Germany, Australia and the Asia Cup also the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup witch is a support series from the FIA Formula 1.

This mod includes a more detailed Porsche 911 GT3 Cup carshape which might be the best shape possible without CAD data. The car has high resolution textures as well and an even more real cockpit which makes driving as impressing and real as never seen before.

Physics have been developed in cooperation with the real PCC driver Ralph Kalaschek and his team MRS Racing. The car's behaviour on track feels closer to reality than in any other racing simulation out there.

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I also have been searching for templates for this great mod, would appreciate if some kind soul could provide a link or pm TIA
Longers on Aug-11-2014

could someone please link the templates for this mod ive been looking for days and cant find a thing, just dead links. anything appreciated
lowes48 on Dec-30-2013

This is the best mod ever without a doubt. Actually these cars are better than anything ISI, or Simbin has ever made. Or LFS. It's amazing what they did considering it's still based on rfactors physics and graphics, it's in a different league. rFactor is worth owning just for this mod
TomBrady12 on Nov-05-2012

WoW!!! Excellent work! That is one top mod and feels REAL. Thank you verrrry much. Works fine here btw
JackKebek12 on Jul-03-2012

WOW!!! thats all i can say i mean im an average driver but some of the mod cars are ard to control the physicas are a little wierd but this without real feel is amazing im not to prone on graphics more on physics and handling This MOD perfects it it is amazing and a must have it even handles better than some of the stock cars in the game this one and the f1 bmw mods are by far the best thank you for making this mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BSpecRacer on Jun-02-2012

mod of the millenium,this is still no:1, physics of this mod are still unbeatable,i had to buy better wheel just for this's so good,believe you me
jabe75 on Dec-10-2011

This is the highest fidelity Sim racing car that I've ever driven. It is awful perfect.

Thanks GSMF,
Kotetsu on Aug-08-2011

Hi there,
this is a really great MOD ! But does anyone recognize or know, which sound addon is used in this video ?

Thanks in advance,
syff on Jul-03-2011

Hey GSMF Guys, im from germany so i think i can speak german to you !

Also ich hätte da mal eine Frage, könnten ihr mir nur mal so ein 3d model vom GT3 verändern dass der wie der 2010er aussieht? Da müsste jetzt nicht viel dran gemacht werden außer halt hoher und breiter spoiler, vorne die kotflügelverbreiterungen, in der heckschürze die lufteinlässe an der seite und oben, und vllt vorne die blenden zu ner lampe machen.

Würd mich echt über ne Antwort freuen Jungs,

Liebe Grüße Alex Wolters

P.S.: Klasse Mod den ihr da gebastelt habt, wenn ihr Lust auf nen Testfahrer habt der reale Erfahrungen mit dem Auto gemacht hat könnt ihr gern auf mich zurück kommen.
ThE_8bAlL on Jun-10-2011

Where I can download template for create new skins?

I found.
Geextah502 on Mar-21-2011

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PCC 2007