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PCC Great Britain 2007 1

By: Snowy

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: snowy
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Porsche Carrera Cup GB 2007

Addon for GSMF PCC2007

All the cars raced during the PCCGB 2007 series with all versions of.

Tim Harvey, James Sutton, Nigel Rice, Maxi Jazz, Steven Kane, Sam Hancock, Andy Britnell, Gary Britnell, Michael Caine, Rob Collard, Charles Bateman, David Epton, Nick Leason, James Pickford, David Ashburn, Pete Osborne, Colin Willmott, Peter Morris, Jon Barnes, Andrew Kirkaldy, Matt Howson, Nathan Freke, Oliver Jarvis, Ian White, Oliver Turvey, Jonny Kane, Jeremy Metcalfe and the very unlucky yet fortunate Kelvin Burt!


Porsche Carrera Cup GB 2007 V1.0 by Snowy

Addon for GSMF's PCC2007

This is a stand alone addon and does not alter your current PCC07 installation. It is selectable like all other mods in the player menu.

34 drivers, 99% of the liveries used during the 2007 season

Released in three seperate parts

Part One:
Contains a selection of all but a handful of the drivers, those that participated for just one race for Porsche Motorsport.
Part One will work as a standalone and does not require parts 2 and 3 to be installed


Part Two:
Contains alternate paint schemes raced at all the different venues throughout the entire 2007 season


Part Three:
Contains the guest drivers woho drove for Porsche Motorsports

============== ==============
Very Important ************** Very Important
============== ==============

You must have GSMF's PCC2007 mod installed otherwise this addon will not work.

Extract to your main rFactor folder

I have however tried where ever possible to recreate the actual cars driven during the 2007 season.

Snowy ;-)

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You Have Done a Amazing Job on These Skins, Thank You snowy!
loanraver on Mar-26-2009

Hehe! Go Randall.
snowy on Nov-09-2008

Snowy, this one and the 2008 pack/mods are FF (freaking fantastic) Thanks for all your work and efforts these two and the carribian mod are by for the most played mods in rFactor for myself.

I remember when you adviced me to D/L rF and give it a try, what hours upon hours of rewarding past time that advice has brought me. Great quality work.

Go Hamilton...!
RKip on Nov-09-2008

cant to the

I was just kidding, I love all the pcc mods, they are the best thing out there for RFactor. Truth is that I spend so little time playing now that its kinda sad. But yeah, I agree that nothing is more important
tigwelder on Nov-08-2008

Thanks guys.

Tig! Oh my, what can I say. . .?I feel awful. I was stupid enough to lose the one I love, don''t you do the same. Switch off the computer and return to the bossom of your family. Nothing, I repeat nothing is more important in all the world.
snowy on Nov-08-2008

Well now, I really don't know. You make a wonderful mod, and I think to myself " oh, this is great, good physics, sweet graphics and unlike many mods these things can be driven almost anywhere, from the Green Hell to Monaco and be demanding, fun and satisfying" Then comes another skin pack, and I think to myself " oh my god, this has gotten better still" Still Snowy works away and hey presto another razor sharp addon. Snowy, I wish to express my thanks, between this and the caterham mod is how I spend my weekends and sick days!! My poor wife and two year old daughter think that Daddy is put together wrong, its just because they only see the back of my head! Thanks for this and for ruining a once happy marriage and for helping me save the money for my daughters therapy in later life, I don't actually leave the house any more so I tend to spend very little!
As usual, a fantastic job, full of the usual class we don't expect but you insist on delivering time and time again.
tigwelder on Nov-07-2008

Snowy, you are da man !!! Very impressive and accurate skins !! Thanks
Haplo on Nov-06-2008

Exceptional work, as always to add to the collection.
Siggs on Nov-06-2008

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