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PCC Great Britain 2009 1

By: Snowy
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 21-Apr-09
Current release: 1, on 21-Apr-09

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Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123

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Porsche Carrera Cup GB 2009

Addon for GSMF's PCC2007


This is a stand alone addon and does not alter your current PCC07 installation. It is selectable like all other mods in the player menu.

18 drivers

============== ==============
Very Important ************** Very Important
============== ==============

You must have GSMF's PCC2007 mod installed otherwise this addon will not work.

Extract to your main rFactor folder

Included are low resolution files, each teams folder has a low res folder. You will need to replace the "driver".dds file in each of the teams main folder with these files for them to work and save you system resources.

All of the cars represented are as raced in the first round at Brands Hatch.

Many thanks to GSMF for their outstanding mod.

Special thanks to Marc W, Adlee and Thompp2000 @ flickr for source material.

Thanks also to all the people who supported and encouraged me during the production of this skin pack (you know who you are and I really appreciate you guys). :-)

Snowy ;-)

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ePod on Apr-21-2013 get 2009 here
victorylane1 on Jan-15-2011

This download is on Race department ( you need to b a member)
chris jr58 on Dec-24-2010

has any one got a link where i can download it?
mik0 hakinim on Nov-28-2010

it looks very good and the graphics look awsome great jod
mik0 hakinim on Jun-26-2010

sy but where can i find the dl link
superracer on May-28-2010

Is the download removed? I cannot see any download links
ls8ls8 on Apr-23-2010

No working mirrors.
Havgry on Nov-05-2009

hi there is a street version without the rear spoiler in the PCC????
bye thanks
anx92 on Jun-10-2009

There is a naming error in the rfm under Season. 'Vehicle Filter = 2009' it should be 'Vehicle Filter = PCCGB2009'. Look in the cars Veh file under Classes=. This will fix offline but cause an online rfm mismatch error.

good racing
dtruemca on Jun-02-2009

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