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Pacific Raceways 0

By: =BD=Andrew
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Pacific Raceways in America. Working with BTB, 3dSimEd and 3d Max. No idea when it will be finished, will be working on it in spare time.

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is this track still available for download?
Stargaze1 on Feb-15-2014

any updates my dad works at pacific raceways i would love to have the track in rfactor
aud6875 on Aug-27-2012

Track is back up, for the most part. Could not formally upload as "PACIFIC RACEWAYS" so I had to change the name a little. Andrew, could you take this "version" down? OR, move the version I just uploaded into this spot?
flat6pilot on Feb-12-2012

Hi flat6pilot just wondering if there's any news yet?
kenpat on Sep-27-2011

Getting an invalid file at RD, still quite happy to wait till it appears on RF Central.
Once again thanks for your efforts, can't wait to drive it.
kenpat on Aug-15-2011

I've released version 0.9 here:

I've decided not to release v0.9 on rFactor Central until I fix the remaining issues. Then I'll release the "official" v1.0 here in about 4-6 weeks. Or whenever I finish. I hate deadlines.

I'll be doing a major rework (start from scratch) now that I've purchased Bob's Track Builder and can work at a relaxed pace. BTB demo only lasts 2 weeks before it locks you out, so I had to work quickly on v0.9.
flat6pilot on Jul-20-2011

Really great to hear that this track is finally going to be released for Rfactor. I first posted about it way back in 2008 after running it in GPL and thought it would be perfect for Historic GT or some similar mod. Thanks for you hard work. In anticipation
kenpat on Jul-20-2011

A version of PACIFIC RACEWAYS is COMPLETE. I'll be uploading in the next few days.

My "demo" version of Bob's Track Builder ran out just as I completed this track. I had fun doing this so I'll be purchasing BTB to continue building some more NW tracks like Mission and the new track in Shelton they are still currently building. I'd also like to add Oregon's Raceway Park.

Some known (generally) cosmetic issues with Pacific Raceways:

TURNS 3a and 3b need to be much lower in elevation. (along with back straight)
REPLAY cameras need a little more work.
TRACK width needs additional fine tuning.

flat6pilot on Jul-14-2011


Track is 95% complete. It's playable now but I'm still completing background graphics.

If you'd like to try it, email me at

Opinions and comments welcome.
flat6pilot on Jul-05-2011


Track is coming along pretty good. Working on backgrounds, PIT lane, garage, and grid position mechanics. I was having trouble with the cars reversing direction on the track and returning to the pit! Think I figured it out, but I'm working on the track out of town and I don't have a copy of rFactor to test with on my laptop.
flat6pilot on Jun-29-2011

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