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Paramount Ranch 0.70

By: analogkid66
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: analogkid66

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Set in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains National Park this Historic Race Track has a unique and memorable history.
It was crafted one spring day back in 1956, when the late and Great! Ken Miles drove a VW Bus around the hillsides of agoura and planned it all out in a single day!....the rest as they say is history. The Likes of Miles, Ginther, Oker, Gurny. McAfee, Krause, Levy, to name a few, all drove there, and some went on to become some of the greats!
So i hope you will find i have done Ken and the rest of the brave drivers of the 1950's justice, and in some way will give something back to all those brave Men & Women drivers of our past when i release this cracking little circuit, and hope you do to, now then lets finish this so we can hit the track!! ;O) cheers all, analogkid66.

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I ran there in late April 1957 in a practice session set up by my father. I drove a '51 MG TD.
ParamountRanch on Jul-20-2011

not any answer sins 16/8/2010, analog, if you read this tread, let us now somthing
bipe on Apr-14-2011

ok no news so, probably dead!!!!!
bipe on Aug-15-2010

so happy new year, any news on this nice track?
bipe on Jan-15-2010

hey analog, any new on paramout
bipe on Jul-02-2009

I am looking forward to this one. When it comes out, all that we'll need are some decent fifties and sixties sports cars to run there.

There's a wealth of tracks from the postwar era through the early sixties that would be wonderful to see in rFactor: Torrey Pines, Del Monte Forest, Golden Gate Park, Goleta Airport, the Watkins Glen "town circuit," Dodger Stadium, Candlestick Park.... If only I had (a) modeling skills and (b) access to reliable historical data.....
Mike Rubin on Mar-17-2009

Hi Fella's!, sorry had not checked in ages!, i had posted earlier in the year that i was finishing off my LyddenGP First, then i will get on this and get it finished!...Dont worry its all on my Hard Drive and ready to go once lydden is done! .....I might even go for a walk round the old track on Xmas day for a refresh! Merry Xmas!
analogkid66 on Dec-23-2008

Hi analogkid66

no answers from you for a long time now, is the track dev dead?
bipe on Oct-28-2008

I hope you finish soon. I attended every race held there when I was 9 and 10 years old.
cvehle on Sep-29-2008

Hi analogkid66

So when do you think this track will be finnish


bipe on Sep-18-2008

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