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Parque de la Ose 1.0 1

By: Nicolas de Leon (7even Tuning Designs) and Dj_erree - Rodrigouy
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 09-Jan-11
Current release: 1, on 10-Jan-11

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Screenie by: cs2competicion
Screenie by: cs2competicion

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Circuito de la Federacion Uruguaya de Automovilismo Deportivo y de la Categorias Formula Vv - Super Wv y Turismo Tierra de Tierra del Club La Granja.

Circuito rapido de 887 mtrs de tierra, Ubicado en la Ciudad de Aguas Corrientes Canelones.

Ingles: Circuit Uruguayan Federation of Motor Sports and Formula Categories Verses - Super Wv and Tourism Land of Tierra del Club La Granja.

Fast track of 887 mtrs of land, located in the city of Aguas Corrientes Canelones.

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You can download this track here:

wojteks102 on Feb-17-2011

This does not make sense.... google translator is for words, not highlighting whole paragraphs for multiple word translations...
althuogh it is quite funny to read it is useless. post in correct english so a higher majority of people can read the information. this is an international site...
MrClean on Jan-14-2011

Gente, los que bajaron la pista Parque de la Ose 1.0 no bajaron el circuito real, sino bajaron el circuto Pista Complejo Sauce que yo lo tenia reservado para mas adelante, ahora pueden descargar Parque de la Ose 1.0 dando click donde dice link real, y podran disfrutar de la pista verdadera, perdon por postear los link mal es mi primera publiacion en rfc.
Pd: El segundo link es del Circuito Pista Complejo Sauce que en breve subo a un post central.

People who track down Ose Park 1.0 did not lower the real circuit, but down the track circut Complex Sauce that I had reserved for later, Park can now download the 1.0 Ose by clicking where it says real link and can enjoy the true track, sorry for posting the wrong link in my first publication is an rfc.
Pd: Track Complex Circuit Sauce and'll take up shortly.
cs2competicion on Jan-11-2011

hola, alejandro los link no coinciden con la pista ese circuito es circutio sauce y no el q poste, me cambiaron los links o sin querer los puse mal.
cs2competicion on Jan-11-2011


vean mi video del este circuito fantastico
Alejandro95 on Jan-11-2011

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