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Pembrey 3

By: banger
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 15-Sep-09
Current release: 3, on 15-Sep-09

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Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: THEDUMMY
Screenie by: THEDUMMY

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*added a few new buildings/ media center. toilet block (u never know when you need 1).

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make sure you extracted all the folder ,from root not inside wales folder.there should be a sky.mas inside the wales folder in rfactor.

banger on Oct-23-2009

crash to desktop for me.........Any idea's ? Thx in advance.
greetings from Belgium
Maurits on Oct-11-2009

This version is much better. Yeah it's coming along nicely. I'll grab those changes too - it felt like driving in the Artic circle - dark! I know Pembrey can look like that, but I struggled to see the road! Nice and moody lighting.......but.....too dark for my racing-taste.

a note about kerbs - the colour ones would be a nice addition. Please!

There's one thing that I think is really needed, and would make a significant difference imo - some noise in the terrain. ATM it's perfectly smooth? I know it's flat (old airfield) and all that, but nevertheless, a little noise in the ground geometry around the track will make a big improvement?

And a wet (default?) version?
the_last_name_left on Sep-19-2009

lol.. i just packed it up too... never mind, all is good!! oh.. i'll remove that link for my alternative load screen
THEDUMMY on Sep-18-2009

i updated the fixes, in a rar. in a few minutes.

*shadows on runoffs roads*
*screen lod*
*gdb file*
banger on Sep-18-2009

aaah... its in the gdb.. cool!! many thanks banger, i can open the file in dreamweaver, i'll let you know how i get on.. lol / ty again

EDIT / 5mins later,,,, sorted changed the lat' from 90 to 0

ive just fallen in love with this track all over again
THEDUMMY on Sep-18-2009

yes, vinoh, the pembrey circuit is an old airfield not really been updated much since,although at the moment they seem to be talking about updating it.

has for the curbs,they are just strips of concrete.excepted a few at hatches hairpin,and brooklands. which are red/white.and blue and white.(i had a crash while trying the blue/white left it out.).
banger on Sep-18-2009

will do advent
banger on Sep-18-2009

ok, tundra. i think the previous post on the lat/long was out.not fully understand lat/long in the gdb. if you switch it back to lat=0 then it should be a lot brighter
banger on Sep-18-2009

yes madcowie, the rally track is coming, having a lot of bother with the ai cars at the moment they seem to like to do a grass mowing more that completing in a race, hehe.
banger on Sep-18-2009

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