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Penn Can Speedway 0.10

By: 150_spring
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Ovals
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: 150_spring
Screenie by: 150_spring
Screenie by: 150_spring
Screenie by: 150_spring

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My attempt at making my home track, Penn Can Speedway. It weekly runs Sail Panel Modifieds, Sportsman,and Late Models. I am using BTB and currently have the track surface done along with the walls surrounding the track. I plan on getting more done at the end of the race season when I will have time to learn more about doing it right. I will release a beta with the track "as-is" soon to get feedback on the track shape/characteristics. Feel free to leave comments.

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AMAZING! someone is finally noticing PA dirt tracks , thank god! my friend ran that track every week the 2016 season with the 13x late model it was very fun....cant wait! keep up the work on this
27xtheracer on Nov-03-2016

Hello. Is there any not so difficult stuff that I or anyone could help you with??
davevg on Sep-04-2011

latemodel2x on Apr-09-2010

Hey is this still in the works. This my hometown track and would love to see it completed. If I could help ya bata test it at any point let me know.
davevg on Nov-15-2009

Looking great 150 how is it coming?
HAR_RocK on Apr-11-2009

would def love to see this track and five mile point excellent about rolling wheels too?
the Jet on Jan-06-2009

Im looking forward to this one! My brother used to race here a lot! I would love to see some more tracks from around this 5 mile point!!!!
StaGGer on Sep-07-2008

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