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Petrolija 2

By: BOJAN PINTAR and SLORacing Forum
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Jul-11
Current release: 2, on 17-Mar-11

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Screenie by: boy36
Screenie by: boy36
Screenie by: boy36
Screenie by: boy36

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Racing track in Lendava, we developed an analysis of some famous European racetracks. Feature of our tracks the length of the target plane, which is 750 meters. After the classic curves followed by a split plane, which measures 1,000 meters, which is a rarity at other racetracks.
The whole circuit is 4000 meters long. The course can be divided into two parts, allowing to take place at the same time, two different event. The concept of racecourses at race in Valencia, reviewed by representatives of Dorna and FIM-a, and confirmed the A-license, which allows dirakliš?u Moto GP racing performance. Petrolija complex is designed according to modern norms, which allows to turn it into a business center, fairground activities omoga?a rezli?ne Usergroups Register of industry, organization of various business meetings, etc..

Course has 75,000 covered seats and there is nothing standing, which is also a unique feature.

Characteristics of the racetrack

runway length 4041 m per axis
number of planes 13
The largest plane of 706 m
shortest plane 36 m
total length of 3112 m planes
number of turns 13
minimum radius (axis of the track) 10.0 m
minimum radius (edge paths) 3.0 m
maximum radius of 120 m
total length of 929 m turns
ited by the number of sand zones 13
track width (constant) 14 m
max. cross fond 4%

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@Toonces about the runoffs, isn't that the trend nowadays with the crappy tracks that Hermann Tilke designs for F1?
PieLighter on Mar-29-2011

Toonces thanks for replay.I ll try fix that problem in the next version.
boy36 on Mar-23-2011

Nice track; excellent production values. Good flow, but not very challenging (too easy to learn). Only three real criticisms: 1. Is it just me or are the AIs terminally slow? 2. Fuel usage seems WAY off (I had to overfill by a good 20%). 3. The run-off areas are much too accommodating (you can run extremely wide and not suffer any penalty at all).
Toonces on Mar-23-2011

would be nice if after the release there would be a download link ;-)

martin0812 on Mar-22-2011

Super steza!

Clone on Mar-22-2011

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