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Phillip Island 3

By: Slider916/Cammel
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 04-Apr-06
Current release: 3, on 21-Apr-07

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Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Prozac32
Screenie by: Prozac32
Screenie by: THEDUMMY
Screenie by: THEDUMMY

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This is based on Ringorumble's V1 of Phillip Island. Special thanks to Ringorumble for giving permission to edit the track, since his time is very limited. Also, special thanks to Cammel for making the necessary improvements. Thanks to slider916 for making the update happen! :)

What's been improved:

-Cars are properly placed in their garages and not on pitlane.

- A new AIW reflecting the pitroad change.

- A new loading screen with track details.

- A new thmb screen.

There are 30 garages and 30 individual pitstalls.


Changes made to 1.3

- Fixed sky errors for low-end users.

- Corrected spelling of Phillip.

- Thanks to Pain-less for his load screen.


What's been changed in 2.0.

- Sky transition is now smoother.

- AIW adjustment for pitlane enterance.

- Rolling starts now work.

- Fuel adjustments.

- Pacelaps fixed.

- Fixed treelines.

- XFinish moved to S/F line.

- Night light levels increased for night racing.

- BigPond bridge signs flashing issue fixed.

- New skies added.

- New loading screen, thumb, and mini-thumb.- Thanks to Pain-less.

Thanks to Strava for taking time to fix some other things.


What's been changed in 3.0.

Thanks to derDumeklemmer for giving permission to use his fixes and updates that he incorporated into the GTL version.

Graphics updates that are in the GTL version that were brought back to rF provided by Culmone67.

Thanks to Mr. Ingall for giving permission to use the camera and the TV screens from the GTR2 version.

*Note* Remove any previous version and delete the hat file.

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@Davy512 - No. You could not add or move objects - would require change to SCN file and that would cause mismatches. Only appearance changes of existing track objects works without becoming a new version of track.
NOxymoron on Aug-14-2013

@NOxymoran - thanks for that. Now curious. Is it therefore possible for someone to alter the graphics on their track that might assist them when racing online? - their own brake markers for instance.
Davy512 on Aug-14-2013

@Davy512 - it doesn't cause mismatches. It just changes the displayed graphics. There are no changes to track geometry, surface, etc.
NOxymoron on Aug-14-2013

p11n, I'm guessing that this will cause online mismatches???

Davy512 on Aug-09-2013

get rid of the giant arrow signs & pit in signs texture with white texture (now look like white blank billboards), white tirewalls (inner), new Melbourne Australia logo

replace original Philmap.mas with this
p11n on Aug-09-2013

v3 is fantastic. If only we could get rid of the Codies giant arrow signs that are obviously not there at the real track...
Marc Collins on Aug-10-2011

Thank you to Slider916 for approval to convert this track to GTR Evolution.

Track is now available for GTR Evolution @ Enjoy.
Shagger on Feb-08-2010

Does anyone know how we can contact the modder for this track?
We would like permission to convert it to GTR Evolution. I have tried many many times to contact, but to no result.

If we can't raise him/them we will go ahead with the conversion and give them COMPLETE and FULL credit for the source material.
Shagger on Jan-26-2010

what's rf f1 09?


the circuits work fine - just put them in the right place? rfactor/gamedata/locations
the_last_name_left on Oct-01-2009

HEY guys i downloaded 3 tracks totally and 3 are not the game shutdown as it loads...any idea why it happens..i am using rfactor f1 09.........will this circuit work with rfactor 09 cause i love this track!!
dreamfaster on Oct-01-2009

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