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Phoenix 1989 Proposal 2.50

By: Rodrrico
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 04-Sep-10
Current release: 2.500, on 22-Jan-13

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Screenie by: rodrrico
Screenie by: rodrrico
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: rodrrico
Screenie by: rodrrico

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The Phoenix grand prix took place between 1989 and 1991, however it was not hugely popular. Perhaps it was the dull layout?
This is not a 'real world track' nor is it a 'fictional track'. It is a hybrid between the two.
In 1987 a proposal was put forward for a street racing circuit in Phoenix City, Arizona USA. However
the initial plan was rejected in favour of a longer track that could facilitate a pitlane long enough for F1.

I decided to build the track based on the specifications available of the proposed 1989 layout, however the trackside objects
and road markings are only loosely based on Phoenix city. Many models have been created by the Google Sketchup community,
which I have taken and modified significantly to make them my own.

None of this is intended to be accurate of the actual city, but more of a 'ideal world' design.

A complete list of the track version history can be seen below:
1.00 - Initial release

2.00 - entirely remodeled from scratch
- new pit complex
- new track layout / textures etc
- new terrain elevation map

2.50 - reprofiled terrain and track
- new walls / adboards
- added new abrasive kerbs
- added 4 more roads for a city feel
- added more buildings / models
- modified many buildings
- modified track bumps
- modified AI line
- replaced / added all new Rodrrico advertising

Please read the README file.

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newstart027 on Oct-19-2016

Something needs to be done about the kerb/rumble strip height, I've just tried the track using F1 Mclarens & they are being flipped at several corners especially on the final bend. it really spoils the track when AI's cannot do a lap without crashing, I love all your other tracks but this is doing my head in.

Thx John
Lockinvar on Dec-06-2013

Would it be possible to alter the racing line through the final bend to be a wider line so the cars just miss clipping the kerb, or making the racing line tighter so the cars run over the kerb more, as the only way I've found to stop most of the cars flipping over is to lower the AI grip so they drive through the corner at a lower speed.
It seems it's a combination of speed, softer suspension, higher centre of gravity & clipping the kerb when the cars are at an unstable angle.
I've found a temporary solution, by increasing the drivinglines in the aiw file from 1 to 4, most of the cars are able to get round the corner without being flipped over.
Lockinvar on Jun-06-2013

would it be possible for you to do something about the kerb on the final bend, atm I'm running HotHatch which is normal street cars with standard softer supension than race cars & every AI is being flipped over on that final bend. I like this track better than the 1991 version as that has no kerbing at all, but that final kerb appears to be too harsh.

P.S. keep up the good work love all your tracks
Lockinvar on May-30-2013

The start light could do with moving forwards as they cannot be seen from the first line of the grid when using roofed cars, the lap counter when cars enter the pits doesn't work, so doing a qualifying run of 3 laps only shows as 2.
Just tried it with 2.55 the same problem occurs when entering the pits, no lap being added.
Been playing on a few more tracks, it seems that the no lap counter when entering the pits is previlent on all tracks that have the start/finish line by the pit exit.
Lockinvar on Apr-08-2013

Hi rodrrico, I have converted and got this great track working in Game Stock car 2012. Would you please permit me to upload it for others to use? Of course you would get full credit. I have not changed files, just edited a line in the gdb and re-encrypted to make it work in GSC, thank you
kmw350 on Mar-12-2013

Rodrrico, Thank You for the track. I sure wish Bitshare was not the only D/L option. It took over an hour & a half to get the track started. What a Pain in the rear-end! Mediafire anyone (several D/L at one time, among other things)? Thanks.
WildWolf on Feb-19-2013

v2.5 AIW Fix This file is only the .aiw for version 2.5.
rodrrico on Jan-26-2013

Hello Rodrrico

When the past car to the stands, The turn is not counted !!!

Thank you for to see the problem and cheer for this superb track.
samydavis on Jan-23-2013

@xpid Oyster Race, I think that is the best 'innocent' typo I've seen, borderline adorable. Plus, I'd like too see what an oyster race looks like LOL

@treetop- how was the phoenix even poorly promoted? just lack of? I was in Edmonton in 2010 volunteering for the Indy race and the first thing I noticed was an absence of any real promotional material throughout the city. I get a lot of dirty looks when I admit to liking the phoenix circuit. I just felt it had that perfect street atmosphere, albeit never having been to Phoenix myself.
cameron12345 on Jan-08-2012

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