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Phoenix 1991 1.70

By: Nericksenna and JMT137, AUSTmike
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 21-Mar-09
Current release: 1.700, on 27-Apr-13

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Nericksenna
Screenie by: Nericksenna
Screenie by: Nericksenna
Screenie by: Nericksenna
Screenie by: Nericksenna
Screenie by: Nericksenna
Screenie by: Nericksenna
Screenie by: Nericksenna
Screenie by: Nericksenna
Screenie by: Nericksenna

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Version 1.7 by AUSTmike

This version is done by AUSTmike

With permission by Nericksenna this track is an update to the 1.5-1.6 versions of phoenix 1991 street circuit.

Update of this track as follows!

:Some high-res buildings added
:Concreted manhole covers on track surface
:Redone new AIW file based on f1-1991 HE mod!
:AI cars are now more competitive and a lot better on track!
:Crowd and announcer +horn sounds are added to the track!
:Start lights and pit lights are all working and corrected!
:Phoenix91 has a much more feeling to the atmosphere just like it was back in the f1 1991 season
Best mod for phoenix91 is f1-1991 HE mod
I would like to give a big thank-you to ACEKING (AKA Terry) for his great work on the AIW file for Phoenix91 and for fixing the starting lights and pit-lights,his talents has made the ai so good ,because of the AIW very competitive and human-like racing! well done Terry.
I also like to thank slimjim for the bumps added to manhole covers which this track has when the F1GP ran here back in 1991.

And finally Nericksenna for making Phoenix91 in the first place!

Hope all of you enjoy.


Version 1.6 by AUSTmike

This version is done by AUSTmike

With permission by Nericksenna this track is an update to the 1.5 version of phoenix 1991 street circuit.

update of this track as follows!

:Some buildings added
:Traffic lights
:Concrete walls were reworked to feel more street circuit like.
:Camera flashing in grandstands were added
:Pitlane has been over hauled
:Ad signs in high res
:Crowds added

I also like to thank slimjim for the bumps added to manhole covers which this track has when the F1GP ran here back in 1991.

Warning! the AI on the first lap are a little rambunctious.
Hope all of you enjoy.


Version 1.5 by slimjim

Version 1.3
This version is done by slimjim
It adds bumps to the road, new buildings and new textures
Best version yet

Phoenix91 cleaned mas
basicly just went through and cleaned up the mas files and converted any bmp's to dds now its a smaller download

New Version 1.2:
Updated road textures
ai change to avoid it hitting walls at apex (still needs some work)

Version 1.0
This is a conversion with full permissions from Nericksenna (at racesimulations) of his 1991 Phoenix F1 track made for F1C.

There is space for 36 cars, the full amount in the 1991 LE mod.

It is an also 100% conversion from the original the only changes I made were small tweaks to the AIW file.

Warning! the AI on the first lap are a little rambunctious.
Hope all of you enjoy.

Giving credit where credit is due:
Nericksenna for allowing me to convert the track.

From readme Nericksenna's credits:
Additional Credits
: Birkuc for *.mts, *.AIW, sky, and a lot
more help and divers advice
: Frentzen27 for bumpmapping
: Kaps for encouragement
: Locutus for making MASstudio
: This authoring template by Marc Nelson &
Robin Tice
: ISI for the best Formula 1 simulator out
: My girlfriend Marion, for her patience and
understanding of this passion I have and
the time I sacrificed to this work and not to
our relationship
: MOST OF ALL: ALGIS, for his knowledge and
tremendous help in teaching me how to do
tracks. I miss you buddy and thank you so
much for everything you've done for me!

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This is excellent, great update, this must be my favourite track, thank you
kmw350 on Apr-17-2014

It always annoyed me that at one track I would win by miles, up to over a lap ahead of the AI's, at another be able to pass an AI on a corner only to have them zoom back past on the next straight, then at another just watch the AI's disappear into the distance.

So by altering settings in the aiw & gdb I hope to make each track fair, challenging, consistent & balanced & adjust any minor car/garage errors I can, 90+ tracks so you can use as many as you like in an rfm.

In the aiw I adjusted the fueluse setting if needed to make the Fuel/lap ratio more correct, so you can put enough fuel in for qualifying & the race (my corrections are normally within 2 laps of a full tank).
set the worst adjust to 0.8 (rf default), set mid adjust to 0.9 (rf default), set best adjust to 1.0 (rf default) (while I adjust the grip level for AI drivers using AIDryGrip in the gdb file) then increase it to 1.1 (Which makes the AI's about 3 - 6 secs faster per lap in qualifying)

In the gdb I remove any attrition setting as many tracks already have it built in & adjust the garage depth if needed, remove the QualifyDuration & QualifyLaps so these can be controlled from the rfm file, normal duration of 40mins & 6 laps for qualifying, any tracks that have the laps reduced to 3 is because more than 40% of AI's fail to set a lap time in 6 laps(this prevents them from leapfroging to the front of the grid when qualifying ends), any tracks that have 4 or 7 laps is because when either an AI breaksdown or the player ends their qualifying 2 laps are added to the total instead of just 1.
Add AIDryGrip & increase the setting until the fastest AI in the same car as I use to set my fastest lap time possible on a test day, is about 1 - 4 secs slower (depending on the track length & type) in weekend race qualifying (this allows for the AI's only driving at 90% - 95% of normal season Qualifying pace & allows for the 3 - 6 sec faster time when bestadjust is increased to 1.1).
I then do a test race so I can do any fine tuning to the AI grip settings.As all tracks are different & some track makers already give the AI's extra grip there is not one easy grip setting that will work for all tracks, so is a matter of trial & error.

I could do with feedback on the settings, so if anyone would like to try the street tracks I have done, then contact me . The tracks I have completed are in Australia & the Far east, 4 tracks over 10Km(marathons) & America these rar files are 3Mb & contain only the aiw & gdb files, so if you do not already have the tracks, you would need to download the original, then overwrite the aiw & gdb, I've made it so you can install in the same way as any mod. These settings were done using cars from the HotHatch mod by Murph, so hopefully should be ok for other car mods.

I am still working on tracks in Europe, so will contact anyone who has kindly tested the tracks as it is completed & should be about 4-5Mb.
Lockinvar on Jan-11-2014

Ok, I finished the 1989 version (basic track and walls) the buildings didn't change much between 89-91 so most of the buildings will be the same as 91.
This track is my masterpiece, I won't be able to make it more accurate, this is the real thing guys, to the extent where you'll be able to say that v1991was complete crap lol. So austmike is tweaking some graphic stuff and adding the necessary bits plus aiw, and we'll release it very very soon. For '90, only 1 bridge and sponsor modifications are necessary, maybe a couple of bumps here and there (as '89 the road surface was fairly smooth and degenerated year after year to 91 where the road surface was deplorable).
Cheers and get ready for the surprise ;-) and a new thread lol
nericksenna on May-31-2013

Hey I love the updates to this track. Definitely ma favourite in rFactor. Have you ever planned to convert it to rFactor 2? That is a MUST! Thank you very much.
cameron12345 on May-06-2013

Really great update. 1.7 is the first that I can really dig into and attack. I was at this race in 1991 and I think you really got the atmosphere with this version. Thank you very much.
swhitcomb1 on May-05-2013

Strange... It works on my side...
Bravo AustMike! You are a great detail modder and more! Great job! Ready for next stuff? I got a couple more walls to finish up, might do em tonight. Maybe during next week we'll have a new phoenix track ;-)
nericksenna on May-03-2013

The size of the picture file in the file seems to be wrong and cannot start.

256x1023 -> 256x1024
sotr on May-03-2013

This version is a good improvement.
rainmaker87 on May-03-2013

All right AustMike!! Thank you! I'll try it out tomorrow, meanwhile guess what guys?? Yep a new thread will soon be available as.... You guessed it: the 1989 and 1990 versions are coming.
Updates such as real walls and fences + holes in the fences for the flagmen, better bumps and the entire master plan is new and will be the base for the final 1991 update. Those who liked the as of yet 1991 track... Well let's say you're in for one hell of a treat!! Cheers, Nericksenna
nericksenna on May-02-2013

V1.7? Great news for us!
Ciudio on May-02-2013

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