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Photomode showroom 1

By: KittX

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX

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I wanted to make some gran turismo-style showroom, and I've came up with this.
The photos I used are the panoramic shots from various photobanks, and I didn't find quite good garage panorama,
so I've used all i had, a bit different stuff.
But the idea and technology is here; now you can make your own showrooms with it, you just need some panoramic photos,
resize them to the 4096x4096 (or 2048x2048) square and mirror horizontally (sorry, too late noticed about that).

There are 6 variations from myself, to install them - put showroom.mas and vviev.scn to the main "vehicles" folder, or
mod's folder where these files are located.

known bugs: reflections... they are quite out of place here, but I've spend a lot of hours playing with shwfloor model to get rid of them,
but they've appeared again and again. So I gave up for this time.
If you know a solution how to get rid of those reflections, please pm me.

Feel free to update this little mod.
Have fun!

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interior painting sweet. thanks for the update
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

interior painting sweet. thanks for the update
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

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harry190 on Feb-24-2017

cyruskhan7687 on Feb-23-2017

what about the water and the trees?

*edit: damn, this comment about water was supposed to be a comment for Cannonball Run.
KittX on Mar-27-2011

Yes, you can in the spinner. But doing that on every vehicle an every mod... Hello!

Gtracerskyler, what videocard and what settings (texture quality, dx mode) do you use? I tested it in all dx mods, and it looks quite the same. The stripes appear usually on cars skins, when the skin on the same car does not have mip maps. But this showroom doesn't require multiple-repeated appear, so the textures there are without mip maps on purpose.

Must be some mipmap settings on your videocard then
KittX on Mar-25-2011

in the veh spinner gen file

ReflectPlane=(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0)
xl1 on Mar-24-2011

im having a problem with mine, when i installed the the showroom, all i chould see is a blue and dark blue stripe in the background you better look into this
Gtracerskyler on Mar-22-2011

bravo et bonne idée
tdiiiiii on Mar-17-2011

RFDynhud is good for adjusting the default HUD's..
Bruce_Leeroy on Mar-16-2011

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