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Pikes Peak 1

By: Frank.f55
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 04-Dec-06
Current release: 1, on 04-Dec-06

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Original track by Uzzi, converted to rFactor by Frank.f55. Released as an addon to Historic Rally Car (HRC) mod. The Pikes Peak addon also includes a number of cars, specifically suited to the Pikes Peak track. The Pikes Peak Addon requires Historic Rally Cars (HRC) to be installed.

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hola el circuito en nieve va ok el de seco no ,el CRONO NO CUENTA .
e solucionado dich problema aqui os dejo la descarga siempre respetando a GUZZI que fue el creador y Frank#55 que fue el que la convirtio.
pikespeak crono ok
un saludo
Pelukas on Apr-25-2015

Hi there, I wondered wether the chronometer is working on this track, as every time I pass it, there seems to be no trigger..?
Zaiit on Jul-06-2013

As anyone actually ever been to the pikes peak international hill climb?
Lynncowansgrandson on Jan-22-2013

reckon, for the record, Frank.f55 is no longer with us. RIP Frank.f55.

As for the $4.95 a month, that was designed as a purely optional membership for people who wanted to help support the site without having to use the free download links which are often a hassle to use. And whether or not you agree, in a sense, our membership links have helped preserve the mod library which may have otherwise been lost.

It is not our fault that the FBI decided to shut down major file sharing sites.
Hopefully people will start re-uploading links so that free downloads are again available. Thanks for understanding the set of circumstances which has led us to this point in time.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Apr-19-2012

great track, too bad the people who actually created it don't get any of the $4.95 a month

do they
reckon on Apr-18-2012

whats the aspect of the track i just downloaded it and the car mod test ran got to the top the als went over the cliff at the end i tried to keep from doing it and had no time posted are you kidding me this track bites i deleted it but will down load again if you can tell me what to do at the top of the pike there
bobcat00 on Apr-08-2012

someone still does not work the end of the race?
Slayermaster on Jul-05-2011

Mozzman, what exactly are you talking about? The links are submitted by modders or users and sometimes they expire, especially if it's an older mod. What drama have your friends been having with the 1 click? Most people that use it are satisfied, and some people don't use the 1 click, they subscribed to get access to the high speed manual downloads, no having to wait. We can be reached at if there's any drama. Thanks!
[RFC]-Fresh! on Apr-18-2011

I am really starting to dislike the broken links and shitty file server BUY time yada yada yada from many links from rFactor Central. No wonder several people I know are haveing such a drama with the one touch installer , as it is hard pressed to fine files.
MozzMann on Apr-18-2011

Driving the Simca or the outrageous NSU TT it´s pure fun!!!
RFDSF25061979 on Apr-10-2011

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