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Pimp My Ride 1

By: Wolf
Origin: Extension | Fantasy
Category: Street
Initial release: 11-Dec-06
Current release: 1, on 11-Dec-06

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Screenie by: spe3dz
Screenie by: spe3dz

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2 car models featuring 9 different Neon accent glow colors for exterior and interior. Also 12 selectable rim colors in various styles, 3 FFB levels, and 13 selectable horn sounds. All available through the upgrades system. Using isi's ZRZ and Rayzor, both got entirely new physics. The ZRZ is a GT car while the Rayzor is a screaming awd hot hatch. both cars also have entirely new scratch made sounds. Fog lights were also added to both models. The ZRZ has 16 teams to choose from featuring community skins, isi skins, and custom ones. the Rayzor has 17 teams. While each car is very different to drive, they still remain competitive with each other. This mod is a standalone mod.

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the sound is repetitive, but thats is a bit ok, the bad part is that none thing was stock, the whole tune up you could make to a tuned car it was the interior and change rims color and neons, nothing more, you can pick up a stock car and modify it, if you cant, this mod almost dont work for nothing
xXxMartin96xXx on Oct-19-2010

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