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Porsche Carrera GT 0.95

By: macasdez and Er_alonso
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Well, I tell you, I'm a Porsche apasionao, especially the porsche carrera GT, and I was in the ts with a friend, and we got down to work, engine, physics, cockpitinfo, .mas .gen .. .
in short, I have done everything necessary principle.

the result was the inlaid in rfactor .....


In principle this all done, but I look for an error , but I canĀ“t find nothing to justify

here you have the link where you keep my progress the last time:

if you can help me out and get him, I would greatly appreciate it.

salu2 and thanks in advance.

PD: sorry for my english, is all i can do.

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Please give me a link, I want it so badly
blacky5000 on Oct-10-2012

Okay, here is the big deal. The mod already looked too small to be good. When I select the Porsche, i get a BMW M3 Pace Car. Even then, racing / testing is impossible because no opponents exist. There must be opponents. Also no sounds are included. Good Luck
Yarach on Aug-30-2011

Yo dude, I am oing to download it roght now. I will let you know what could be improved
Yarach on Aug-30-2011

Hi...i have installed the carrera GT beta...but don't work! :-( bye
anx92 on May-15-2010

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