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Porsche Fabcar Challenge 1.30

By: Team Players
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Prototype
Initial release: 10-Oct-06
Current release: 1.300, on 20-Aug-07

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Screenie by: THEDUMMY
Screenie by: THEDUMMY
Screenie by: THEDUMMY
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Screenie by: Pahl
Screenie by: Pahl
Screenie by: Pahl

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Background Info:

It started with a trip last year to the Daytona 24 hour Grand Am race where I had full access to the Fabcar to get detailed pictures of the car to base the model on. The textures on model is a compilation of photos from the #58 and #59 Brumos Porsche Fabcars and is a very close representation of the actual car. The physics are based on Dave Henrie's original set which used data he gathered from the crew at the race. I tweaked his physics to give the car a bit more of a lively feeling (which is my preference in a sim). You may find the car a bit difficult to drive at first but it will grow on you (I hope). The physics are very close to the same physics that were in the beta so if you drove the beta Fabcar you will already know how it feels.

I would especially like to thank the crews of the #59 Brumos Porsche and the #58 Red Bull cars for allowing me to get the photos for this mod, they were more than accommodating and polite to let me get in the way when they were prepping for the race.

A special thanks to Fusion Racing for the hospitality and access at the race.

Fabcar Features

3 engine upgrade options
- Original Fabcar Performance Package
- DP Performance Package
- Proton Performance Package

2 Spinner upgrade Options

- Open Chassis (default)

- Closed Chassis

2 tire Options

- Super Soft Hoosier

- Stock Hoosier

Multiple addition paint jobs by Piebobs71

Camera view based on PvtStash contributions

I would like to than everyone that has helped me with this mod. There have been a number of contributions in the open beta, so if I missed anyone please let me know. I would especially like to than everyone at D3 for the great time at Daytona, which now includes the guys at IDT also. I would especially like to than Lou Magar for his dedication and hard work with organizing the Daytona trip and keeping things on schedule.

Dave Henrie__________Physics

Piebobs71____________Paint jobs

Ian H________________Upgrade options

PeterV_______________AI help

Keeper______________Headlight/tail light fix

PvtStash_____________Help with Cam file

t0p5ecret____________Physics feedback and testing

Thanks to GSMF for the use of the PCC 05 sounds created by fonsecker.

Thanks to Keeper for:

New working dash lights including:

........Tach led's that sweep the full RPM range

........Low fuel

........Overheat light

........Pit Request light
........Fixed transparent body under night lights.
........New Damage modeling can be seen from cockpit.




FABCAR RESTYLE PROJECT Ver 1.3 (Official update)

Team Players is pleased to let you know that the Fabcar has been updated to version 1.3

In conjunction with Team ReStyle we are able to release this new version which has a number of new updates.

(From the Team ReStyle Readme)

ANDY HUNT : Painter - Graphic designer - Project manager

EXTREME77 : Painter - Motec Production - Music Selector

SPRENG : Painter - Helmet Works - Exel list and Other

SIMONESER : Initial Mas Work

1980-1990 prototype paint jobs and drivers.

Talent files with characteristics if the actual drivers.

New graphic tires and wheels including Goodyear, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Dunlop Bridgestone and Yokohama.

New Menu Backgrounds

New Motec Tach (available as an option in garage) Includes analog fuel and temp gauges.


I would like to thank the ReStyle team for their cooperation in making this update and for honoring Team Players request to make this an "official" update. I hope that in working together we will ensure there are no on-line mismatches or many questions about versions or add on's.

The download has grown in size due to all the wonderful paint jobs by the ReStyle Team. I hope that the size does not discourage guys from downloading the Fabcar because I can say it is well worth the size. The zip is just over 100 meg but you will love all the new paint jobs.

This update is graphic only and there are no changes to the tire data or physics so setups and driving style will not change with this update.

Thanks from Team Players and the ReStyle Team.

We hope you enjoy the update.

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all links are down, is this website dead?
v2Rocket on Jan-13-2016

Are there any websties with more skins for this mod of real drivers? Would like to get a 42 car field.
racing117 on Dec-15-2013

How do I get the templates for this mod? The link to them here is dead, thanks.
SHuhn88 on Nov-27-2013

Version 1.2 or 1.3?
trecinni on Nov-05-2013

This mod is great, Where can I find car template?
malejo27 on Jul-23-2012

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