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Portland International 0.99

By: zero-g and Racing Line Developments
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 24-Nov-09
Current release: 0.990, on 11-Jul-10

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Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g

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This is the beta v 0.99 version of

Portland International Raceway 1998

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Racing Line
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Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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Realistic Track Surface
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Why the helicopters remain stationary in the air ? In version 0.90 that does not happen.
pso0 on Oct-25-2010

Hi! I get the SKIDS_TURN CTD with all 3 DX settings. I can't race the track, period. Any suggestions?
mr.bobo on Aug-30-2010

Tommy78 has a WIP for both '98 Homestead and Rio. I am working with someone on a really cool '98 version of Road America, and at some point I may look into doing Toronto. I'll have to see as time permits. I would first like to see a '98 version of FVR's Surfer's Paradise. That track is awesome.
dradecki on Aug-10-2010

Awesome work on all your 98 CART tracks! I have the CTD with Dx7 on portland as well (the Skid_turn gmt error) - I must race in performance mode 'til I upgrade but I've checked out the lush Dx9 setting and it looks great! I second the Toronto suggesgtion, and add the Rio Oval to the list - no version since F1C. Thanks again..
TinCup on Aug-10-2010

theStig on Jul-16-2010

hi zero,
your tracks are awesome, they´re my favorites track.
i hope to see more tracks for example toront exhibition place,
there isn´t currently a nice track from toronto

Cartman_666 on Jul-15-2010

All other of you tracks are fine but for some reason I get a CTD when trying to load PIR.

usa_driver on Jul-12-2010

New CART 1998 League starting here ...use all new tracks!

zero-g on Jul-11-2010

Nice track, all of your '98 track. I found one problem with Portland. You did only dx9 the skid_turn material. In dx7 and 8 doesn't work. Maybe you forgot, it's not problem for me, just some people plays in dx7, and 8, so if you release the 1.00 version, you can fix it.
Tommy78 on Jul-10-2010

CTD for me?
blooze on Jul-10-2010

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