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Poznan Circuit 0.60

By: SimRacingPL
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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We are proud to inform that polish bigest simracing portal - SimRacingPL is working on Poznan circuit located in Poland.
Our work is licenced by Poznan object owners - Automobilklub Wielkopolski.

Track is created based on official blue prints, GPS meassurment and real life track recognition.

Poznan object is the only one in Poland which owns FIA licence (level 3).
There are 2 layouts available:
- main track, 4083m long for car and moto races
- cart track, 1480m long

We are co-operarting with real drivers collecting infomrations about specific places of the tracks, comparing real object to rFactor model.

3D modeling: marco: tekkno
Textures: marco
Track geometry: McLaren
Real track driving: Camer
Photos: McLaren, Camer, G.Mark, Marcin89

Check a video which compares ride this track in real and in rFactor. Videos has not been time streached.

Real vs rFactor ride

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This's not a place for extraterrestrial language, please speak English.
Felipe_Br on Oct-18-2011

Bardzo dobre wykonanie. Czekam na finalna wersje...
ludwas on Apr-01-2010

wielkei dzieki dla tworcow. Czekam z niecierpliwoscia. po torze Kielce wlasnie poznania mi brakowalo do szczescia.
MidnightTom on Sep-13-2009

Will there be a GTL version?
Wizerdrix on May-05-2009

Aniolek - oczywiscie ?e jest C5. Np w modzie EOAA GT
halama123 on Mar-30-2009

Super ?e b?dzie Tor Pozna? , a mam pytanko czy jest w rFactor Corvette C5 , C6 jest ale mi zale?y na C5?
Aniolek on Dec-19-2008

Super! Zapowiada sie obiecujaco. Mozecie wrzucic jakies aktualne video?
thooorn on Dec-16-2008

wygl?da bardzo dobrze!! ;]
Matthi01 on Dec-12-2008

I jak wam idzie..??
Morit on Nov-17-2008

jak byscie chcieli tego typu efektow
wiecie jak mnie znalesc :-]
damusto on Sep-07-2008

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