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Project Kure 0.60

By: Racing Paint Shop
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: GT
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Based on the 1996 JGTC & LE MANS R33 Nissan Skyline , this mod will consist of 30 cars covering 2 classes, these will differ by horsepower with class 1 having 500bhp and class 2 having 300bhp.

Driven in 1996 by japanese racers Toshio Suzuki and Masahiko Kondou.

The power and torque of these cars have been taken from actual 500 & 300 bhp R33 Skylines using the same RB26 engine thats used in the Kure , kindly provided to us by owners from the nissan skyline owners forum when attending a dyno test meeting within the club.

Because the 1995 cars information is now so hard to find , we aim to re-create them as acurately as we can using real world dimension and settings from race cars belonging to members of the owners forum.

Although the R33 was a formidable machine in its era teams and liveries are very few and far between so we have decided to recreate Nissan liveries that are authentic just not specific to the R33 , Calsonic / Penzoil / Kure / Zexel are some of the teams that will be included. A full team list will be available closer to release.

JPBS - Renowned 3D modeler from Team Motorsport is Lead 3D artist on this project and has already made an astounding start on the model as you can see in the pictures provided. Currently the mesh is approximately 65% complete with most of the work now being needed on the interior of the car.

Dave Purdy & Randy Stratton Responsible for some of the most advancded physics systems in racing simulations to date will be providing the basis of the cars physics. and these will be beta tested by realworld racing drivers from famous GT championships.

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pujapanu on Jan-31-2017

Ahhhhhhhhh its been so long going on 3 years since your last comment saying its %99 done how much longerrrrr this car looks sweet
aido on Jan-14-2013

It's been a year now since a statement over at Virtualr saying it was a matter of months until release. What happened?
CapitanulHaos on May-11-2011

Is this mod dead? I hope not, as these cars look great!
joostin028 on Apr-14-2011

Very happy you guys decided to continue, was really in doubt for a while that this might not see the light of day. Anyway, good luck. ps: Could we see an updated interior screen/render?
CapitanulHaos on May-26-2010

It's a great news, when i saw your forum infected by pharmacy spam, i was very disapointed.
marneus_the_boss on May-26-2010

kinda gets me hard Best of luck / lovely work
_FIREWIRE_ on May-09-2010

WOW... has been a long time since last posts on here...

Just to let you all know PROJECT KURE is coming... life has got in the way for a long time..but now the team are keen to get this project finished.

The car is now 99% complete... and has been converted to 2 models instead of the planned 1.

Mr purdy has done a seriosuly astounding job on the physics for this. all I can say on that front is I cant wait to get this car into the community for you all to see.

still 2 classes 300 hp & 500 hp and using real / fictional liveries created by some of the best skinners out there.

RPS website has been inactive for a long time, but now we are getting the site sorted and details going on all the time

please visit here for PROJECT KURE details
RPS on May-09-2010

I hope i will be out soon.
marneus_the_boss on Dec-20-2009

Still working on it?
Chudo on Aug-23-2009

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