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Project Touge 0.10

By: AK3D
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: AK3D
Screenie by: AK3D

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This is my first attempt to make rFactor track... Main idea is make HUGE touge route which has many routes connected each other and run 24/7 server with many peoples on it... Mainly it designed for drift...

Everything is made by me from scratch in 3dsmax.. Atm this track is very beta stage , but i decided to make it 'public release'...

Installation: just copy ProjectTouge to your locations folder.

WARNING: there is no AIW added so u need to run it with no flag rules! Also AI doesn't work at all) Also there is NO cameras yet, and there is NO PIT's.

I'm planning to update it pretty often, so watch to be up to date ;)

2.06.2011- FIX released.
-game freezing when goin online.
-game not loading when tracks folder are in different location.
-pace car removed from circle



Version 0.05 released.

-trees added
-cateyes added for night
-some corners are remade and smoothed
-minor fixes

DL link:

I hope u will like it and PM me if u'll find any bugs.

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joelpacteau37 on Sep-26-2018

joelpacteau37 on Sep-26-2018

Can you please the people who have downloaded the track to write their experiences with it. Working or not?
erhard on Nov-04-2015

MediaFire try this one, maybe it works for you.
erhard on Nov-03-2015

On my system it is crashing once race menu is loaded.
justsideways on Nov-02-2015

Well , yea there still no loading screen , i ll made it , ok ))

I never heard about any freezes from anyone.... Please contact me via xfire , or skype to see what's the problem is...
AK3D on Jul-08-2012

At this stage of it's developement, is it normal for there to be no loading screen? Also, I'm not sure if it's all of the trees, but once the game gets to the track's race menu, it freezes completely. Anything similar happen to you or anyone else?
nitro24 on Jul-03-2012

Update released!
AK3D on Jun-06-2012

still one of the sickest open world for drift.
breezee on May-31-2012

Love this track and cant wait for more. Please update!
D1rge.exe on Jan-07-2012

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