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ProtoRacer Le Mans 0

By: Bandit13
Origin: Extension | Fantasy
Category: Prototype
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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That is right! One of rFactors hotest mods of all time is getting a face lift. After getting permission from Francis I have started putting together a collection of skins from the years past Le Mans favorites. You'll see liveries from the most famous of Porsches to the most recent Audi R10s.

And there going on reworked Protons and Demons. Plus...A surprise? That's right; the third car in the series that was never finished. The Scorpio. The Scorpio will premier in the mod as the third car in the series that everyone has wanted. Sitting on my design table right know are the scetches and drawings that I will be posting. And; you will have a say in the car. from the overall look to the way she performs. This will be the communities car. I will be posting pics of the design and will be asking your opinion. So speak up. You will not hurt my feelings.

Know comes the biggy. I have launched this wip to build interest in the mod again. With all the ALMS and LMS cars being released it seems that some of the creative juices have fizzaled. I need modelers, mappers, and physics specialists to help finish this mod right. From little projects like changing rear wings and adding wheels skirts to the actual modeling of the Scorpio. I need to build a team.

Anyone interested can pm me at RSC or NoGrip. I hang out there and here most of the time. You can also leave messages here and I will contact you.

Let's show this community that we are still creative modders and give Francis something to be proud of.

What do you say...Who wants to go to Le Mans?

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hey is this thing dead? if so Bandit13 could u plz email me at I am interested on taking it on!
rJustin on Jan-15-2009

Do you need help with this mod? Who is working on it?
bevins on Oct-08-2008

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