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Prototype C 2.20

By: RD23 and 2323
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Prototype
Initial release: 12-Jun-13
Current release: 2.200, on 12-Jun-13

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Screenie by: RD23
Screenie by: RD23

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This is the 2.2 version of the Sport Prototypes League Edition mod.

This is the same mod with the following news:

- Completely new physics
- Completely new sounds
- A lot of new skins, specially for the Porsche 956 Group C
- Two categories: Group C and DRM

Thus we have two originating mods: GT All 4.8 & DRM

List of cars that appear in the 2.2 version of the mod:


1.- BMW 320 E21 Turbo
2.- Porsche 935 Turbo

I took, in my opinion, the best skins of DRM mod by dmatzies

Group C:

1.- JaguarXJR12
2.- Lancia86
3.- Mazda787B
4.- Mercedes c9
5.- Sauber Mercedes
6.- Nissan - Nismo
7.- Porsche 956
8.- Porsche 962
9.- Toyota R32V V8

:lol: :lol:

Please delete any previous version of this mod before install this new version.


1) Unrar the rar

2) Place the GameData, rFm, Music, MovieFiles & UIData folders within your rFactor

for example in c:\Program Files\rFactor

That's all, see ya on track!


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newstart027 on Oct-17-2016

is it just me or is the link broken?
markg4455 on Aug-28-2016

Links not working
SandboxHD on May-08-2016

I would really like to race this mod with realistic physics in place. The highspeeds are too low and 6th gear just slows you down even more. I tried to set up the gearbox in many different configs, but non of them made it actually usable. So yeah, if someone has these more realistic HDV files, I'd be very grateful about a downlad link, as the mod is very enjoyable IMHO. Thanks!
Racing2getbetter on Oct-12-2014

Originally posted by: Furinkazen

I have modded the HDV files of these cars to try and get fairly realistic top speeds and figures, anyone interested in them?

Yes I would like the modded HDV file please.

Also anyone know thewhen I try to drive the Lancia 86 it crashes my game? Tried all of them and game still CTD's.

Thanks you.
IAHawk on Sep-16-2014

Any way to get this with realistic physics? I realize its a league edition but where is the version before everything was nerfed with horrible hard coded traction control?
deimos256 on Jun-15-2014

I have this cars with Slotit brand name to Scalextric track and few videos and NOW i can test it, BIG THX
Jarmok on Apr-09-2014

I would be very thankful if someone could please post here a link to the templates for this MOD, i want to create a Championship with this MOD, but i need the templates!!

Thank you!!
Leites on Dec-01-2013

Furinkazen can you post your HDV for this mod thanks.
SHuhn88 on Nov-22-2013

OK how about some templates? Anyone have templates that a guy could paint some new cars with? Please contact me if you have any of them. I am working on my own as well, but I'd rather not "re-invent the wheel" as it were if not needed. Thanks
Highbank on Sep-26-2013

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