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Prototype-soundpack SCC 1.10

By: wolferl

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last year i worked on the sounds of the HistorX-mod,and after the release i felt, thats time for some modern stuff.
this pack includes new prototype-sounds for the Sports Car Challenge -mod (rsdg-conversion by Turb).

what`s new in verion 1.1:
i have reduced the volume of the outsidesounds by one third ,
to improve the balance between onboard- and non-playersounds.

i hope, that the quality of the sound on cheaper soundcards will enhance also, due to the lower gain of the samples.

you may have to adjust still the volume ingame ,
because of the different types of engine, but thats a matter of personal taste.

you can take a look here before downloading :

installation: extract the soundpack to your rfactor mainfolder

( where rfactor-exe is located).

if you want to use the sounds for new releases of other mods , for

permission please contact me via email:

first of all a lot of thanks to Turb for his conversion of my favorite mod

for F1Challenge 99-02 and of course to RSDG, the developers of the

original mod.

concerning the sounds:

i kept some effects, for instance the turbo-shiftdown , otherwise the

engine sounds are completely new . included are:


Panoz lmp01 and evo(elan-engine)

Panoz lmp07(mugen honda-engine)

Judd V10 engine ( lola b2k10 , dome s101, dallara)

Audi R8


Cadillac ( northstar twinturbo v8)

Pescarolo (Peogeot v6 turbo)

Riley & Scott

Cosworth v8 ( reynard team nasamax)


Nissan 3.4l V6 (LolaB2k40,Pilbeam)

Mazda (mazda,LolaB2k40)

JuddV8 (lola b160,Reynard 2QK)

MG XP20 2L Turbo / VW 2L Turbo (LolaEX257,Reynard 2QK)

little issue:
there is a little gap between the starter- and idlesound of the Panoz lmp07.
the startertimings are defined at the engine-ini and i cant change this
without causing online-missmatches.
but there is a easy way tochange this:
go to the folder rfactor/gamedata/vehicles/SCC/Panoz/PanozLMP07
then open the file: Mugen_eng.ini
and change the last line to the following: StarterTiming=(4.5, 0.0, 0.0)

note that most of the sounds are taken from youtube-vids, so the quality
of the samples differs, because some of the clips had very weak
sounds and i had to amplifie them to the limit before clipping.

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tgynecomastia great site glad i found this thanks
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020








bayu01 on Sep-14-2017

!!! can someone give a new download link, please !!!
Mischa on Jul-27-2017

hey all just d/led the scc mod, but there is'nt any engine sounds, i've got skids shifts gravel but no varoom in the sounds scc folder they're there how do I get them in game?
charlie991956 on Feb-12-2010

hey all just d/led the scc mod, but there is'nt any engine sounds, i've got skids shifts gravel but no varoom in the sounds scc folder they're there how do I get them in game?
charlie991956 on Feb-12-2010

where to get your alfa tz2 mod/sound??
marquisor on May-28-2009

the third downloadlink should work (filefront)
wolferl on Apr-06-2009

yeah please from file front or somthing which i don't have to pay to get a fast downlode? the other link i tryed but it came up with welcome to Filefront insted of the scc sound thing?
Nelson15 on Apr-03-2009

can we get a new download link?
nissan man on Apr-03-2009

Hey why i am unable to download this pack? it's strange pleas ehelp me!
Nelson15 on Apr-02-2009

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