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Punta del este street Course 1

By: Rodrigouy and Tito Tilp
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 05-Jun-10
Current release: 1, on 05-Jun-10

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Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy

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Punta del este street course 2008

After a lot of time since we published this beta we like to talk with all the Uruguay Simracing and the public in general.

At this time of my life i assumed new challenges in my life (i´m journalist) so i´vent much time to finish this tracks. So i decided to left this beta in this state at the moment.

Track it´s the same as you seen in the 0.5 version, you need to download AIW fix (thanks Tito Tilp)

Original Description:

Located in streets of the Turistical city of Punta del Este, is one of the most beautifaul circuits in the world. That´s my first scratch track, builded in bob´s track builder, 3dsimed and 3d studio 8. The AIW, CAM and the boxes are from Tito Tilp (thank´s a lot man). Thank´s to the betatesters: Lukex, Mikos and Supermario and to Mario Rosa for the picture of the circuit and for the video (with them, i have time to do the track before the race).

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Where is the track? I don't see a download link for it.
racerx59 on Jun-22-2010

guys, i´m sorry. I´ve upload an older version, i´m upload the correct track fixing the Aiw Problems.... thanks a lot for the observations
@saloei, track is plain in a great part, i´m trying to make the heights
rodrigouy on Jun-07-2010

the circuit and looking to drive, but very confusing at first with the car inside the other, I saw that there is a grid on the asphalt (made backwards) but not used at the start why? In my opinion and review AIW from scratch.
relesys on Jun-06-2010

This track needs details. Track layout looks plain and boring. When I load the track, all cars fall from the sky, and AI opponents get stuck hitting walls. Give it a major overhaul.
saloei on Jun-06-2010

Vamo arriba con ese circuito, yo soy Uruguayo y es la primera vez que veo una pista Uruguaya en un juego, Aunque solo tengamos 3 pistas importantes,
Pinar (la mas linda, y con mas historia), Piriapolis (vio correr a los mas grandes de nuestro automovilismo) y Punta del Este (la mas dificil, la mas moderna, y la que mas gente mueve, corrio hasta el DTM en una exibicion)
Obeja007 on Nov-11-2009

Vamos muchachos!!!

Ya tengo los TC2000!! solo me falta este circuito!!

muy buen trabajo y lo espero pronto!!
cordobe on Aug-05-2009

vamos,vamos xD
kimi kojones on Jul-06-2009

Que grande!!!! Ya poco a poco vamos teniendo más pistas sudamericanas. Genial que estes haciendo este bello circuito uruguayo
chinorenaultf1 on Feb-02-2009

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